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Can Lois from Family Guy understand Stewie?

She never responds to Stewie when he talks lol

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    There's no concrete answer to this question. Besides Brian, the rest of family understands Stewie selectively. It's the same with Lois, she responds to Stewie sometimes and ignores him other times so it's hard to tell. She has responded to him at times though:

    "Death Has a Shadow"

    Lois: Stewie, why don't you play in the other room?

    Stewie: Why don't you BURN IN HELL?!!

    Lois: No dessert for you young man.

    "Chitty Chitty Death Bang"

    Stewie: Victory is mine!

    Lois: Yes, and this cake is yours, too

    "Mind Over Murder"

    Stewie: Burn in hell!

    Lois: Hell... hell has fire.

    "The Son Also Draws"

    Stewie: Stupid greedy savages.

    Lois: Stewie, that's a terrible thing to say.

    "Untitled Griffin Family History"

    Chris: You've never seen the ending?

    Stewie: How can you say you don't like it if you haven't even given it a chance?

    Lois: I agree with Stewie, it's not really fair.

    I personally think that the whole family can understand him, but when he says something evil, they just ignore it because they probably think oh he's just a baby, what does he know.


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    She had responded before.

    Sometimes the main human character sometimes understand him.

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    Yes she can understand him. She just chooses not too because he acts so unlike his age, and usually tries to offend people.

    Source(s): I watch family guy.
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    no only meg chris brian and sometimes peter and people outside the family can understand him

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