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I need a good rat diet ??? whats a healthy onee ?

I have two female rats. Templeton (hairless) and Ratatouille (dumbo). I was wondering what a good healthy diet is for them? I give them Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet from a local PetSmart. I also give them Cat Food on top of that. Is this a healthy diet??? If nout please be specific on special foods. I also occasionally give them human food like peanut butter carrots, alomonds, sun dried fruits, and bread.



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    Mazuri is good- I think is is the best one you can buy at a chain store, it is one of the top 3 recommended rat food so that is good.

    I wouldn't give them the cat food though that is too much protein.

    For my rats I give them a bowl of rat food in the morning and let them eat that as they please, being sure there is enough to last through the night as well (give them fresh every morning, and add extra at night if you need to, the bowl should never be empty) then once a day around dinner time I give them fresh cooked brown rice, cooked wheat pasta, cooked beans, steamed/boiled broccoli, carrots, cooked squash/zucchini, cooked sweet potato, green beans, pumpkin in the fall, basically almost anything- a good guideline is if you eat it cooked they should eat it cooked, bits of cooked egg or chicken (I don't give them red meat). I just get a nice mix in a bowl and leave it in the cage for about half an hour to an hour so it doesn't spoil. I try to eat healthier myself so usually I can just give them parts of whatever I am cooking, before I add any sauces or seasonings.

    Go easy on the nuts because they are very fattening- just an occasional treat. Be careful with fruits because they are high in sugars. A little bit mixed into their dinner is ok.

    Here is a list with rat safe foods- though there are a couple things I've heard are bad such as avocados which is quite debated if it is safe or not...

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    All lab blocks (except for oxbow) are full of fillers. Lab blocks are also very boring. Rats are very food oriented and really enjoy and thrive with variety. Seed mixes are not good either. In my opinion homemade diets are best. I feed a diet loosely based on this

    I feed half mix and half veggies and other fresh foods. You will want to supplement unless you can feed the right foods to get what they need. Another option would be to just add a high quality, low protein dog food to add vitamins and minerals. That along with grains and veggies and other fresh foods would provide everything they need. Dog foods you can use are blue buffalo lite, solid old holistique blendz, natural balance lite and wellness healthy weight.

    My rats are thriving on a homemade diet. They are doing better than they did on "high quality" lab blocks. Plus they really enjoy their food.

    Do not feed cat food unless you feed very small amounts as it is high in protein.

    For more diet info (or any other info) you can look here

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    Mazuri is going to be the best food avalible in most stores, though it is high in protien for most adult rats. You can try finding either oxbow or harlan teklad (sold online as native earth). Harlan is cheaper and you can buy in bulk. Feeding fish fruits and veggies is also recommened for rats of all ages just look for the forbidden food list to know what to feed. Be very careful with peanut butter it is very creamy and thick and can cause rats to choke if not thinned out with water before feeding. Check out Goosemoose rat forum for the best information online.

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