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Should all the Royals except for Queen and Duke get proper jobs?

With everyone struggling to get a job and earn enough to live on should the extremely rich Royal hangers on get proper jobs as we have to.Prince Andrew wastes thousands of our hard earned money every year jetting about.Charles and Camilla spend thousands of our money taking first class visits all round the world. Harry spends alot of time falling out of nightclubs drunk after spending hundreds on each drink.The huge sum of money that is spent by Royal women on their makeup clothes jewellery hair cosmetic treatments is all I read of them in the newspapers.

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    Yes, they should .

    @ Ethan, it is those "various scandals" that forced the Duke of York to resign. Do you think that taking a thirty minute helicopter flight to play a private round of golf and then a thirty minute flight back, is doing a good job? Or hiring a private jet to take him to Saudi Arabia and back at the cost of 150,000 pounds, that is JUST for the flight, he doesn't stay in a guest house, does he! THAT is doing a good job? That is an extraordinary sum of money to pay for a return flight to the Middle East. The average income for the middle class is about 27,000 pounds, so Airmiles Andy's trip amounts to five and a half years total income for many. You make light of the fact that he seriously abused the system. So he didn't accept a salary, is patriotism and working for the good of the country, only for us lesser mortals? With such an expense account, who would possibly need any reimbursement anyway? The idiot fornicating Prince Charles (a man who is incapable of putting toothpaste on his toothbrush) and his newly acquired expense account, Camilla, hired a private yacht to cruise around the Caribbean, AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE again at the equivalent of five and a half years work for the average taxpayer.

    Prince Harry and his drinking is NOT done at the taxpayers expense, so it doesn't look too good but, it's his money. If I had his money and his age, I'd be doing the same. The money was bequeathed to him by his mother. The Royal Family does have a private income, it isn't all taxpayers money. Isn't being in the military a proper job? It isn't as though it's something to fill in time between drinking, he is currently training to become an Apache Helicopter pilot. you can't fall out of a bar in the early hours and then get into a helicopter for training. There is an expensive helicopter, a training instructor and his safety to take into consideration, no one would tolerate any half drunk person let alone a Royal Prince to be in Control of any machinery.

    Edit.........@ Maple Leaf, I say mind your own business about what happens in this country. It has nothing to do with you. If you want it out of your own country, all well and good, campaign for it. Keep your nose OUT of what happens in the U.K. That goes for ANY non U.K citizen.

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    Charles and Camilla spend their own money, not ours. What is given to them by the taxpayer goes on the upkeep of royal-government estates (such as Buckingham Palace, which is owned by the State and not the Royal Family) as well as diplomatic travel. Other money they spend comes from their own personal wealth and from the percentage profit from the Crown Estates. The British public pay only about £0.69 each for the monarchy per year.

    As for proper jobs, the royals do have jobs. The Queen is 'Head of State', and she carries out as many duties as elected Head of States of such as the President of Germany.

    Prince Charles has served the Royal Airforce, and currently as heir to the throne he carries out many diplomatic functions and occationally stands in for his mother on foreign visits.

    Prince William is in the Search and Rescue division of the Royal Navy, and as second in line to the throne carries out many diplomatic visits.

    Prince Harry is a Captain in the British army, and has served in Afghanistan.

    Prince Andrew served in the Royal Navy, notably flying helicopters during the Falklands War. He also served as the UKs trade envoy, and despite various scandals he did a very good job for his country.

    As the above poster said, the royals give to far more money to the country in terms of tourism and diplomacy than they take; almost ten fold.

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    Hard earned money? The Royals do work, and have their own money. This idea that they get all their money from the taxpayers is quite wrong. The Queen is VERY good in business. A good thing, as the monarchy would have gone bankrupt, based on what they get from taxpayers. In fact, the Royals return more than they get.

  • Yes, I do think that they should get better jobs! I am assuming when you say "Duke" you are referring to the Prince Philip? Anyways, if the Queen and her husband were not age 85, and 90 I would also think they should get better or proper jobs, but they are at the retirement age and do need a break.

    Hope I helped! :)

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    Harry was at war in the Afghan with his regiment till idiots leaked his location.

    Link -

    But he'll be returning there apparently:

    "Prince Harry will be granted his wish to return to Afghanistan as an Apache attack helicopter pilot after completing his training next year."

    Link -

    William is still flying search and rescue missions with his squadron:

    "Prince William's crew search for Russian sailors"

    Link -

    Andrew was travelling all over because he was a trade envoy.

    In case you didn't know, going places is what trade envoys do.

    And speaking of trade:

    The Commonwealth Tour Charles and Camilla were one was to promote trade and investment in support Britain's economic recovery.

    What have you been doing with your time lately that's of equal value?

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    The responder above called "Ethan" mentions all the diplomatic trips the royals take. Why on earth do you need so many royals taking various diplomatic trips?! Not only is the taxpayer paying for royals to make such "diplomatic" trips, but also for the foreign secretary, Prime Minister, ambassadors, etc. making such trips. Why in hell do the royals need to be globe-trotting on the taxpayer's backs when the government officials are doing it anyway?! Most countries have only foreign secretaries, head of state, head of goverment, and foreign office officials making diplomatic trips. The royals are parasitic relics of a class-based bygone past. It is time for the UK to stop wasting its precious money on the parasites who can afford to take trips with their own riches.

    As for taxpayers' money spent on the upkeep of the state-owned palaces and castles that the royals reside in: I say kick the royals out on their rears and let them move into accommodations they pay for with their own funds. Sandringham and Balmoral are privately owned by the Queen, are they not? Let her live on those gargantuan estates with her own vast riches. Turn all the state-owned palaces and castles (Buckingham, Windsor, etc.) into museums and let the admission fees help cover their upkeep. The UK is in financial crisis and turmoil, yet people want to justify the lifestyle of the pampered royals. What is wrong with this picture?! Come on people, where is your sense of reality?

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    even if they get a job, they won't share the money with the taxpayer.

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