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LJ asked in SportsHockey · 9 years ago

Bobby Ryan on Trading block after Ducks find out he loves Vampires...?

I heard the news that Bobby Ryan is on the market. Upon doing my research I've found out he's a big twilight fan and goes to see the vampire movies.


1) Do you think Ryan will be traded?

2) To what team and for whom?

3) Do you think Ryan would fit well on your team?

BQ: What's the next fad for these crazy teens...We got Vamps and Zombies....What's next?

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    1) I don't see Anaheim trading him within the conference unless they get their doors blown off with a deal.

    2) Please do this "Bachelor" style...have Boudreau as the host, Ryan as the bachelor, with the other clubs as his suitors all vying for that single rose.

    3) More than somewhat.

    BQ: Irish folk music and sombreros. Bet on it. If it's any consolation Tyler Bozak is all madcap crazy for the Justin Bieber (who claims to be a Leafs fan). I die a bit inside thinking about this.

  • Snid
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    9 years ago

    Maybe he should go to the Blackhawks. Patrick Kane has admitted to reading the Twilight books.

    1. Do you think Ryan will be traded? Depends on who they are offered for him. They won't give him away.

    2. Got no clue. I am not sure who is looking.

    3. I don't think the Red Wings need him. Not to say they wouldn't take him if they got a real deal.

    BQ: You didn't mention the werewolves and witches. Oh, and aliens. I am SO over the vampires. i hope it's something more fun then the undead.

  • 9 years ago

    1) Yes. He really shouldn't, but i strongly believe he will be

    2) Definitly an eastern conference team. Either the Leafs or Rangers. They'll want a solid player in return, maybe a D-Man as well or a draft pick

    3) I think i'm biased because i really like him, but i think he would be a good fit. But you can't break up Lupul-Bozak-Kessel while they're hot. He could be on the second line with Connoly and McArthur. I hope the Ducks GM isn't afraid to trade with us after the Lupul-Gardiner robbery. we got em good

    BQ: I don't know, but leave me out of it. I'm with Boston has the cup on this one^^

  • 9 years ago

    1) No.

    2) Devils for Parise

    3) He already kinda does. Aside from the fact Carlyle hates him. He's going to be working 3rd line for now...

    I disagree with the sentiments about this generation. Most generations have had the shame we have. It's whatever. It's like saying you're not proud of your country because you hear about murder on the news... I think the next thing is Zombie Vampires. Only logical... Then, vampire robot nazis who are also zombies.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1) There are most likely many teams looking at him, and I could see him get traded elsewhere.

    2) I don't know but I just see him doing well on the Sabres

    3) Yes I think he could, I think he'd fit

    BQ: These are the reasons I don't asccociated myself with my generation. Can you really imagine any fad worse than crappy acting on some horribly plotted movie and shows?

  • 9 years ago

    1. I heard the Caps floating around, but we'd have to give up to much to make it reasonable.

    2. Team is undecided, probably for a draft pick (or two) and maybe a solid defenseman...

    3. No, my team likes prissy Russians who get their coach fired

    BQ* Please don't associate me with them, it's embarrassing enough to go to school with them. How about common sense...

    Source(s): ROCK THE RED!!!
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1) theres a sh!tload talk about it so something must be brewing,im leaning towrds no though.

    2) i would guess a struggling east coast team, thats all i got on that.

    3) of coarse.

    bq: meth..a lot of meth..nah idk. perhaps some crazy fads from the 80s/90s will pop back up but kids are so trendy these days idk why they bother.

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