What question would you like to ask the Republican presidential candidates?

Yahoo! News and ABC News will host a Republican presidential debate on Saturday, December 10, at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. Here is your opportunity to ask the candidates your question. Let us know and we may include your question in the debate. You can also tweet your question to #IowaDebate.

Make sure to check back and watch the debate on December 10 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on ABC News. We’ll provide the link.

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    8 years ago
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    Traditionally, American manufacturing has been the primary way the U.S. has recovered from previous recessions. Will you support efforts to increase American manufacturing, and how would you accomplish this?

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    This order was to start printing 1 and 5 dollar bills and removing the words " federal reserve note". Once these bills were printed, the Treasury was to start printing 10 and 20 dollar bills. Thirteen days later President Kennedy was assassinated. At once Lyndon Johnson started having the 1 and 5 dollar bills removed from circulation and stopped the printing of the other denominations. If elected, would you move or consider to eliminate the Federal Reserve and get our country back on track to have a currency that is backed by something other than people who have no interest in our country and our countries financial stability.There are far too many agencies doing the same or similar things. If you agree that government is, at bottom, a cost and, as such, should be contained, what will you do to reduce the amount pof government? Shuffling the cost around with pea and shell games like revenue sharing no longer works. What is needed is a reduction in the absolute size of government, including the military. Candidates going back to Reagan have talked about eliminating the Departments of Education, Energy and Commerce but all are still in operation and growing. When will it end?

  • 8 years ago

    It should NOT be a "debate" but an interview of the candidates regarding their policies and thinking on national issues.To accomplish this the moderator should ask one question allowing each candidate 3 minutes to answer the same question from left to right. This instantly and expeditiously reveals the differences between the candidates and reveal their way of handling the national concerns of the American people. Example questions:

    1. What are the three top priority issues you would address upon taking office as president of the United States?

    2. What three moves would you make to balance the budget and get the American economy back on it's feet?

    3. Some candidates prescribe "fixing" the tax system. Can you give us an idea how you will fix the tax system?

    4. Do you have a plan to rein in the czar program president Obama has put in place, and if so, what is your plan in regard to leadership of these different branches of government?


    Source(s): None. I have been very displeased with the procedure of the moderators. The American people want to know their policies on given issues and we are not interested in them debating one another. I disagree with the term debate. The proper objective is information from the candidates on national issues. That accomplished we also learn their differences without contentious questions. I don't need research - when I watch the moderators and how they are handling the coming together of the candidates, that IS sufficient research.
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    As conservatives, you take moral issues such a the right for a woman to determine what happens to her own body and you have all made statements at various times that you would not fund abortions or Planned Parenthood. You've all also made statements that the major cuts should come from "entitlement" programs like welfare, medicare, unemployment insurance, etc. You have also all given the impression that your religious beliefs control or heavily affect your positions. 1) Do you see yourselves as violating the Constitutional provision prohibitng the mix of Church and State? 2) Do you really think that Jesus would support denying the poor, hungry, unemployed, elderly, needy of the world? Scripture totally supports the proposition that Jesus believes religion to be taking care of widows (the elderly and sick); He says that if anyone is in need, give them everything they need..."even your tunic". He also makes it clear that the rich (the infamous 1%) have a lesser chance of entering heaven that a camel going through the eye of a needle. How do you justify what scritpure actually says with the rhetoric that you spew out to the American Citizens? 3) Don't you think that the government should be run to protect those who cannot protect themselves, especially since the 1% seems to have all funding to make sure that their agendas come first - at any expense, even the citizens. 4) When has the trickle down ever worked? Isn't it true that it's just a fallacy or fantasy and the fact of the matter is that the trickle down theory is actually the trickle up theory, which is how we eliminated the middle class and increased the wealth of the 1% by about 275%.

    Source(s): Common sense and knowledge of the Bible...what it really says and not how it's perverted to support a positions that have no biblical support. Besides, the Country should not be run by the Bible but by civil servant who can make independent judgments.
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    8 years ago

    Health Care Shall Never Be Reformed As Long As Doctors Are Playing Defensive Medicine.Rather Than Criticizing Them,Have You Tried To Find Out To Why They Are Doing So? What Are You Going To Do About It ?

    Specifically Answer Please ,What Do You Think Is Wrong With The Medical System In United States?Before Knowing What Steps You Want To Take ,I Want To Know How Much Do You Really Understand The Problem And Only Then Would I Be Comfortable That You Would Do Whatever You Are Saying Now To Fix It .Rather Than Just Put On A Band Aid To The Deep Wound .

  • 8 years ago

    After several years in the electronics field, I was not able to advance any farther. I was constantly told that having only an Associate degree was a deal-breaker, despite my experience and achievements. In 1995, I returned to college, I majored in Computer Science, I minored in Math, and I graduated in August 2001. On Sept 11, 2001, I went to the first major job fair that my college held since I graduated. Due to the attack in New York, over half of the exhibitors didn't show up. Obviously, I didn't get work that day. The months that followed were not yielding much, either. I then followed the advice of one of my computer science professors, and entered grad school. In May of 2006, I graduated again, this time with an M.S. in Computer Science. And I STILL cannot get work! I am now 54 years old, and my last 2 jobs were temporary jobs for the state of Colorado with a 6-month appointment limit each. I don't qualify for any kind of unemployment or public assistance at this point, nor do I want any: I simply want a job, and I don't see why it can't be in IT. I have accumulated a great deal of debt through both student loans and credit cards during the time I was in school, and the first few years afterwords, just trying to keep my house, and keep the utilities paid. My credit rating is so bad, I doubt it is even a positive number at this point. I can't even get a job doing telephone tech support or customer service because of the credit checks typically being included in background checks, which is really dumb considering the many offshore locations located in places like India where I am sure THEIR workers are not undergoing background credit checks!

    I just want to know: what are you going to do to get ME a job? I suspect that even before the election, I will find myself living under a bridge...that is, if I can find a bridge that hasn't already fallen-down, given the state of the country's infrastructure these days!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Why do you republicans and all other conservatives believe that the current economic downturn is the result of socialism, when so many other recessions and depressions happened prior to socialism? After the American Revolution un until the 1920's there were at least 34 recessions and several depressions, and these all occurred prior to this country having any government sponsored social programs like welfare, Social Security, and Medicare. One of those depressions was even longer in duration than the Great Depression. Everything that the republican party is advocating for now this country once had. Low government deficits, few corporate regulations, few unions, great manufacturing and agricultural output, and still the majority during the late 1700's and all of the 1800's worked hard but weren't even close to middle class. In fact the majority were dirt poor or destitute. How come everyone says that America became great because our ancestors worked hard but for the majority they didn't actually share in the wealth. They ended up rioting, forming unions, and causing the socialism we have today. So now for some reason we are suppose to go back to those good ole days, when for the most part they weren't really good ole days except for the one percent?

    Source(s): History
  • 8 years ago

    The Republican Party says they will not raise taxes on the wealthy or business. They give all sorts of tax breaks to both without expecting anything in return. Why don't you tie the current and future tax breaks for every company with the conditions that they :

    1. must increase their full time, permanent work force in the United States by at least 4% each year.

    Make the hiring criteria open to all of the population, College graduates or not. Beginning with those who have been unemployed the longest. Too many people are overlooked and refused employment because they are currently out of work for an extended period. Well qualified people can not compete because they lack a degree of any sort. Make the use of credit ratings as a hiring criteria illegal.

    2. If these businesses do no increase their total employment by 4% they will be penalized by the amount of the tax break plus 10% each year until the they do.

    Why should tax breaks for business be so freely given without any consequences. If companies and our government fail to step-up, the cycle of economic failure will continue.

  • 8 years ago

    What would you do to improve TSA which I feel is a complete Joke and a waste of time and money. As long as the Cockpit on the Aircraft is secure 911 could not occur again. I was interviewed for a job when the TSA was first established and I have never seen such a fiasco and even after 29 years working with one of the number one airlines in the industry I was not hired. All I know is the corporation that was hired to do the hiring was paid over eighty million dollars and was a laugh and a half. They hired ex military and Leos that had no experience with how the Airlines operate. Take a look at Israel's airline security and then you have the answer. Quit wasting the tqaxpayers money.

  • 8 years ago

    I feel that any one that is running for the highest seat in the land should be aware of what is taking place in this country and others. Having said that how would you approach the ever changing fuel cost in America today? All our news channels have to do is talk about the price going up and like Magica up the cost goes. We now feel we are getting a deal at $3.50 cents a gallon. I can remember when a storm in the gulf didn't affect the price of fuel or a clod winter didn't make the price rise. These elements have always been here! Can you please answer this question without using some one else as the bad example in other words stand up and be counted. Fuel cost effects the every day life of all Americans.Please don't say that other countries have it worse, this is America. Also don't say this will take years, which means you don't have an answer!

    Source(s): My source is day to day living under a Goverment that blames others for our problems, but will not work on a sloutionto help us who pay taxes to support them. Our congress is a fine example an we the people pay for it all!
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    5 years ago

    As long as the Cockpit on the Aircraft is secure 911 could not occur again. I was interviewed for a job when the TSA was first established and I have never seen such a fiasco and even after 29 years working with one of the number one airlines in the industry I was not hired. All I know is the corporation that was hired to do the hiring was paid over eighty million dollars and was a laugh and a half. They hired ex military and Leos that had no experience with how the Airlines operate. Take a look at Israel's airline security and then you have the answer. Quit wasting the tqaxpayers money.We know that were are significant links between Iran & Al-Qaeda. We've had "sanctions" on them for 32 yrs, to what effect? The Iranian nuclear program is around the corner from being implemented, at their own pace & will. Our biggest threat to them is "all options being on the table", which is NOT a credible threat that the Islamic Republic take seriously.

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