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What would make an epic zombie video game?

I have played a lot of zombie video games, and I don't count cod extra level, as a zombie game. And none of them I replay or even finish. Sure left for dead was a freakin awsome:D online game, but its missing Something.

And deadrising wasn't very interactive as it should have been.

I'm in the process of making a video game and I'm just wonder what would make a epic zombie video game

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    I think it would be cool if you came into the game with a vid showing the rise and destruction of the zombie plague, and the eventual demise of the human population. Small pockets of humans manage to survive and hold on but their numbers are fading. Then its like 30 years later or something and the game starts, at which point you jump in as a young survivor from a small remote colony of humans. I imagine it to be kinda like Fallout 3, but with zombies. One huge open map which you have to explore, scavenging for items to build armor and weapons, food for health (fruit trees, canned food, etc.) as you make your way across the wastes on your mission to try and find an answer or solution to the plague. Maybe you eventually find a still operating facility where a band of scientists have tried to make a cure but have all died out, leaving you to pick up the pieces and finish their work somehow. Side quests along the way, bands of humans needing help would be a way to kill time. Maybe you find and fix a motorcycle or something to make getting around a bit easier, though it needs fuel so thats something else you have to keep up with. And people like to customize, so interchangeable parts on weapons or armour would be sweet. And I liked the house idea for Oblivion and Fallout, a place to rest, store items, etc. I dunno, just try and keep with the zombie lore, small pockets of zombies in the open country, cities crawling with zombies, and you cant kill them unless you headshot them or dismember them, burn them, etc.

    Thats about all I got, good luck!

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    I would say a huge field. Alot of players, maybe like 20-30 per game. And huge waves of zombies coming in, every few minutes. Alot of guns and upgrades. In my opinion, that would be a great game.

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    Maybe if Resident Evil went back to having actual zombies

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    heres one its a bit like i am legend, at night zombies come out while your trying to get to Caprio City, a safe haven. You meet people on the way, and also have houses along the way to sleep, have sex in etc

    then when you make it its kind of like a zombie apocalypse simulator like you have to steal goods survive nights and stuff

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    9 years ago

    an extended version of Red Dead Undead Nightmare

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