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MUST READ: Swiss Article About Gaddafi?

The following was published in the journal Switzerland (Schweiz Magazin), edition of 27 October. The translation from German is the poet Sydney Schneider.

"What the dictator and tyrant Gaddafi made with his people, is now more known every day, detail by detail. Here is a list of atrocities that the Libyans have suffered for four decades.

1. There was no charge of electricity in Libya. The electricity was free to all citizens.

2. There was charging interest on loans. State banks provided credit to all citizens with 0% interest by law.

3. Owning a home has become one of human rights in Libya.

4. All Libyans newlyweds received $ 50,000. This money empower couples to buy their first home. The government contributed, so that every family began its trajectory.

5. Education and medical care were free for all in Libya. Before Gaddafi came to power, only 25% of Libyans read. Today, that number rose to 83%.

6. The Libyans who wanted to live from farming land received, a country house, farm machinery, seeds and livestock for free, that had a rapid onset and promising in this endeavor.

7. When the Libyans did not find the desired degree course, or medical equipment necessary for their health, had the opportunity to go abroad with the help of government funds. They received $ 2,300 per month to house and transport.

8. If a Libyan bought a car, the government subsidized 50% of value.

9. The price of gasoline in Libya was $ 0.14 (equivalent to 10 cents or just over 20 cents in Brazilian currency) per liter.

10. If someone could not find work after graduation in Libya, the State paid the average salary in the profession he wanted to play until he could find a job technically appropriate.

11. Libya had no debt and have reserves amounting to 150 billion dollars in different parts of the world, which have now been frozen and probably lost forever.

12. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Libyan oil was directly credited to the accounts of all Libyan citizens.

13. Mothers who gave birth received $ 5,000.

14. 25% of the Libyans obtained the university degree.

15. Gaddafi created the project "Rio-Grande-Made-by-Man." It is the biggest project of drinking water pipeline in the world, in order to improve the supply of population and agriculture.

Thank God, NATO and the rebels freed the Libyan people for all that. "

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    1- No, it might double in winter because of heaters, and in summer because of AC

    2- No, you're talking about islamic banks, they charge no interest because it's not allowed in islam, but there is none in Libya, and not so long ago, so there was no private banks.

    3- Yes, it's in the green book, but due to communist laws, no man must have more than one house, and many lost houses they inherited. Problem is that many can't marry because they can't get a house to settle in.

    4- WTF?

    5- Yes, so is Cuba.

    6- Yes, but a limited number of them

    7- Study abroad? yes. Medicare abroad? that would be on your own expense

    8- No, It's just cheaper than nearby countries, that's all. you need years to get a cheap new car when your monthly salary is 300 dinars and the cheapest new car can be up to 10,000.

    9- Yes

    10- I heard about it and heard some people got it but not that i saw it

    11- Remember that it's Libyan money but the bank account is for Qaddafi

    12- Again WTF?

    13- No, but the father gets 2 dinars raise, from a law made in the fifties, where the average man's salary was 3.5 dinars (what did a burger cost in 1950s?)

    14- Again, so is Cuba

    15- Yes, But that project wasn't well studies, not economically nor environmentally

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    Why did Russia not send war ships to halt the invassion of Lybia how quick they were to accept Al Qaeda as the new rulling Government?

    something smells really bad at what occured to Lybia now we see the same Rehetoric over Syria

    Yet Russia sends their War ships to monitor what is going on here yet there is no Oil to Argue over?

    One has to wonder if Dirty deals have been carried out behind the scenes after all Russia had a Great deal of İnvestments inside Lybia wonder what they sold out for?

    Syria is another story all together and any War upon Syria is just a ploy to pull Turkey and lran into a Fight that will start a war in the whole region with possibly Pakisatn and india becoming involved?

    We are now hearing talk why USA doesnt send in USA Forces to Grab and Guard Pakistans Nuclear Bombs that should really work eh!

    Thousands of Turkish troops massing at Syrian Border makes you wonder if USA is just pushing Turkey to light the first match on a Firework Dissplay that will be felt all round the world

    Dr Feelgood Obama is ın charge and just look at most recent news about hiding evidence over Fast and Furious bit the same proceddure Bush Gov did over 9-11 Grassover Whıtewash and Cover ups it new way of life inside the land of the supressed and the homes lost to Banksters.

    Source(s): Local News!
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    Am not a conspiracy nut, but I think 'The Colonel' never died, a double did. Perhaps the Colonel does today what he loved to do in the past, go for long walks in the desert, breathing in the fragrant desert air, listening for inspiration in the desert winds. A true 'Child of the Sixties', perhaps he sits watching the magnificent desert sunsets, reflecting on his astonishing life.

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