How do u save a pokemon platinum progress in no$gba game? Or how do u open the menu?

tell me what key it is select start or whatever

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    9 years ago
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    You could watch this video. It shows you how to save in Diamond but basically it's the same thing.

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    The problem with the emulator is it saves but after you close it, it doesn't keep your saved game and it starts over again. Here are the steps:

    **It is important now to go to options and save options!**

    1. Make a backup of your "firmware.bin" file or rename it

    2. Make a copy of "NO$GBA.INP" and rename it to "firmware.bin"

    3. Start no$gba and change the startup setting to "Start Cartridge Directly" and the save type to "FLASH 256kb"

    4. Click Options and choose "Save Options." Close the emulator.

    5. Restart the emulator and open the game and saving should now work.

    Hope this helped :)

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