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How do we increase belief and reverence to Kim Jong-il in Western society?

I am thinking about writing a book of hymns and verses, and establishing a 'Church of Juche' in Edinburgh. How do you think this will go? I think it will succeed, especially if I advertise the more socially conservative aspects of Juche (no gays, no deviance, absolute conformity and strictness in moral character, emphasis of correctness over the ambiguous and morally altruistic -- for instance, sympathy for gays is shouted down with threats that Kim Jong-il is unpleased -- etc)


People will speak "Church Korean" in each congregation, and I will punish the speaking of Anglocized gibberish with the belt, especially to children.

Update 2:

Michelle Obama blocked for ad hominem retardation.

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    You can't. Kim Jong Il is a moron. He's led his country to starvation and ruin, and is pretty much the laughingstock of the world. Everything he does just makes North Korea worse. How about that dam project of his? You know, the one where he flooded some of the only arable land in the country for a dam that didn't work, and people started starving? Or how about the giant tower full of nothing in Pyongyang. If you're trolling, you're quite good at it, if not, I pity you.

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    Go juche yourself ya socialist moonbat.

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    He can always make a p8rn like the rest of those celebs when they lose their publicity.

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