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英文片語 ace in the hole

"ace in the hole" 的意思我查了Yahoo字典是指: 最後王牌; 備用的應急手段

例句是 A good negotiator always has more than one ace in the hole.


為什麼這個片語是用in the hole, 而不是in the hand, 我想知道這個片語中hole是跟打高爾夫球的洞有關嗎? 可是ace應該是跟撲克牌有關吧!? 請教各位大大了!

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    打撲克的人都知道,最大的牌就是ace。有了ace,你就勝券在握,你輕易不會出ace,而是備而不用,要把好鋼用在刀刃上。這樣就産生了下面我們要講的兩個習慣用語。第一個是:ace in the hole。Ace in the hole這個習慣用語來自一種撲克遊戲。每人發五張牌,四張攤在桌面上。一張是暗牌,只有得牌的人才可以瞄一眼。這張暗牌就叫做the hole card。如果你的hole card是ace,那就意味著你有了秘密的殺手鐧,要到一決勝負的最後關頭才出。Ace in the hole雖然來自撲克牌遊戲,卻被沿用到生活的各方面,包括政界。例句-1:Jack will win because he has a real ace in the hole - it's still a secret but the Governor will support him publicly next week and that means a lot more votes.他說:Jack穩操勝券,因爲他有一張目前還不爲人所知的王牌。那就是州長即將在下星期公開表示支援他,他因而會得到更多的選票。所以ace in the hole意思是秘藏的法寶,也就是強大的備用力量。

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    ace in the hole <解釋>: 指備而未用的王牌   也可指錢財;秘藏的法寶;可共患難的朋友   <例句>: You are my ace in the hole; I'll call on you when I need you.   你是我共患難的朋友,需要時我會來找你。   The lawyer's ace in the hole was a secret witness who saw the accident.   律師的王牌是一位目擊此事件的秘密人證。

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    in golf, you shot a hole in one.

    in poker, you have an ace in your hand that is not being shown.

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    Something held privately in reserve until needed, especially for a winning stroke; a hidden reserve or advantage [from poker term in the hole for a card dealt face down in a stud game]

    American Slang -- Robert L Chapman, Ph.D.

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