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How does one get Boise State University to notice your football skills to offer you a scholarship?

I'm going to play runningback soon at a JUCO and I have really upped my skills. I believe I can play D1.

@We found love in a happy place- I have decided to go to a JUCO instead. Also, should I go to a JUCO for one year or two?

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    I don't know why you are going JUCO, whether it is because you feel you need to improve your game, get some stats (for instance if you sat behind someone who was the star, but you feel you have good ability as well) or if you need to get your grades in order. All three are legitimate reasons to go the JUCO route.

    I don't know if you have to go two years JUCO or not. Cam Newton was unusual in that he went one year to Florida, playing for the Gators behind Tim Tebow, before going to Blinn after several, should we say, personal issues, including an arrest for possessing stolen property. Therefore, he was a sophomore after he came out of Blinn. And all JUCO players that I can think of played two years at the JUCO level before going to a four-year school for the their junior and senior years.

    Getting Boise State to notice you out of JUCO is the same as getting them to notice you coming out of high school. First, you need to make sure your grades and other academics are in order. Be careful taking JUCO classes, that you take classes that transfer to the four-year college. If your classes don't transfer, you might have to sit out a year or two and the coaches may sour on you as a recruit.

    Secondly, and I am not sure you can attend Boise State runningback camps as a JUCO player, but if you can, do so. That is where most recruiting takes place, since the camps allow the coaches to talk with potential recruits, allowing them to assess their maturity and reasons for wanting to play for the Broncos, and coach and see the player perform on the field, allowing the assess their coachability and talent.

    Thirdly, get a CD of highlights together. Include your best high school plays, but make most of the highlights on the JUCO level. Send it to the Boise State staff. You may fit the type of player they are recruiting, but they may not know about you. A CD makes them aware of your interest in Boise State.

    Finally, get to know your local sportswriter and television sports reporter, particularly at the JUCO level. Make sure they cover your games even if you have to force the SID or some other person at the JUCO send in the game results that night. It is good to have press clippings. And, talk to your high school coaches and your JUCO coaches and see if they can introduce you to a coach at Boise State.

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    The Boise State/Oklahoma game may be one of the best ever. Boise State had three of the best plays of modern college football history in the game.

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    Since you're going to JUCO, how are your grades in highschool?

    If you have a certain GPA, you can transfer from a JUCO to a NCAA school in one year. Otherwise, you have to stay 2 years.

    Read Aaron Rodgers' story.

    From the source, it states: " Because he had a 3.6 grade point average and SAT score of 1300 when he left high school, Rodgers was eligible to transfer after one year of junior college instead of the typical two."

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    cam newton went through a 7 on 7 flag football competition. and so did BYU QB Heaps. so if you cant make it through JUCO make it through like those two

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    Just outplay everyone. Be known! Join combines

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    Your chances of playing Division 1 College Football depend on your performance in football during your junior college career. If you perform very well during your junior college football career, you will greatly improve your chances of getting recruited to play for a Division 1 College Football program, such as Boise State University in the future.

    If you have an outstanding season (like Cam Newton did at Blinn College) during your first year of junior college, I highly recommend that you only spend one year in junior college football. Otherwise, I recommend that you spend 2 years in junior college football.

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    you have to be the best because boise st only recruits the best of the best.

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