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Difference between DSL and Cable internet?

What's the difference between DSL and Cable internet in terms or performance?

Such as... bandwidth distribution? If more than one person is on my network, how is bandwidth distributed?


Thanks for the reply. I mean if someone in my home is using my internet, how is the bandwidth distributed? I currently have DSL and it blows when more than one person is on it at a time because I'm unable to use real-time applications effectively, would switching to cable internet fix that problem?

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    9 years ago
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    Cable is offering 50mb bandwidth but is a shared system. So you only get between 1-8mbps in most cases but depends on how many folks in the neighborhood are connected to you. It is still fast for the end users (in your home) and they offer speedboost technology where they move more speed to your connection when downloading.

    DSL is dedicated speed, not shared with anyone but total speed possible is much less. Approx 756K downloads used to be the standard but now they are pushing 1-6mb. The problem with DSL is that you have to have great phone line quality and you must live near a repeater station (often under 2 miles). The further you get from a repeater station the slower your connection will become.

    Cable seems to perform better at top speeds but DSL hangs in there better with less speed degradation. Just need to ensure your of that distance factor and quality of phone lines, etc. Cable is a tad more secure by using shielded wiring and less vulnerable to surges for the same reason (better grounding).

    Good luck on deciding - you may get many different opinions on this subject. Maybe price and customer service should factor into your decision as well.

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  • 4 years ago

    Difference Between Dsl And Cable

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    9 years ago

    The way your home network is used has no bearing whatsoever on how Cable or DSL operates. If you have trouble with only one other person on your network, you just need more speed, whether it be a faster DSL service or faster Cable service.

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  • 9 years ago

    DSL means digital subscriber line which is provide by the telephone service provider and cable intenet is the internet provided by the TV cable which used to connect in the TV for cable line

    DSL is better and faster than cable internet. If the net become slow when using by lots of user then try to increase the speed or bandwidth of your internet

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