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Why aren't many people interested in astronomy?

I'm very interested in the universe and astronomy is so fascinating! Looking at the night sky and realizing that there are millions of other cool worlds out there. When I'm looking at some stars in the sky, I'm thinking about the planets that might orbit it and how life on these planets would like (if there is life). But it's like I'm the only one who cares about astronomy. Last week, the teacher asked us to write down the planets of the Solar System and I was almost the only one who knew them :| I really don't understand why they're not interested.

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    I love astronomy, but I have also found that there are few others who seem interested. I've found the general public seems to know more about astrology than real astronomy. :o

    When I was a kid, science wasn't taught much in school. This seems ironic when you consider that as early as the 1960's the US was the first country to send men to the moon. We led the "space race" for a while, so one might think the US is really big on science. But that was really an elite few, and the space race was driven more by a sense of competition with Russia than it was a true scientific curiosity. Once that was over, interest in space exploration died down again.

    I was in elementary school during the 80's, and the only science I remember in all that time was learning the names of the 9 planets and having to memorize them using acronyms to help us remember. That was it. In middle school and high school, science courses were offered as electives, but only the "smart" or "nerdy" kids chose those classes.

    I like my kids' school. They have come home with science assignments that are actually essays on black holes, how the sun is formed, what is a planet and why pluto is no longer one, and things like this. It encourages an early interest in what is out there, beyond our world. But not everyone sees a "purpose" or value in learning about the universe. :(

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    You're not the only one- I find astronomy absolutely fascinating, so much so that I studied it well into my college years. However, you're right, we're a bit of a rare breed.

    There are a few reasons for this. The main one is that different people have very different interests, and astronomy is one of the rarer and nerdier ones. Just because you think it's awesome doesn't mean other people do- not everyone's brain works the same way. For instance, when I was in school, I remember wondering why there was so much attention focused on sports. It simply didn't interest me in the slightest, and I couldn't for the life of me understand how it could interest anyone. The answer was more or less the same- I just didn't think in the same way as most people.

    To a certain extent, intelligence also comes into play. I don't mean to sound elitist, but people of above-average intelligence often find science topics more interesting than the average person. There are two real reasons for this:

    * They can actually understand the material to a reasonable extent- few people are really into things they have no understanding of.

    * Conversely, it actually requires a bit of thinking and brainpower to truly understand them. Smarter people generally like to think and have their brains challenged, and so more intellectual pursuits are more attractive to them.

    If you want my advice- college is better. At school you may be the only one interested in astronomy. Study science at university, and all of them will be into it (or if they aren't into astronomy, something just as nerdy).

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    Millions and millions of people are interested in astronomy. Just because a few idiots with whom you share a classroom do not seem to be interested you cannot jump to the conclusion that nobody else is.

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    Because 99% of the Earth's population are thick. Conratulations! You are one of the 1% who are intelligent enough to ask a question and I am one of the 0.00000000001% who answer.

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