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What is the correct Swedish translation for the word "dishonor"?

I am getting a tattoo of the phrase "Death Before Dishonor" translated to Swedish to represent my heritage (among other things). I would have family translate it but I'm not sure how fond they are of tattoos, and I have not been able to find a translation nor do I want to trust something so permanent to a simple online translator. Thanks!

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    There could be a few ways.

    Död före vanära. A directs translation, works idiomatically as well. May however also be interpreted as "Death comes before dishonor", but less likely.

    Döden framför vanära. Another way of putting it. A former king used "Plikten framför allt" as a motto meaning "(the) duty before everything".

    Död över vanära. Yet another way of putting it. Similar to the way you say "I'd pick salt over sour".

    They all work. Pick the one you fancy.

    An alternate word to vanära would be vanheder.

    Source(s): I'm Swedish.
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    död före vanära

    Source(s): Google Translate :)
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