Social Worker working with children?

I would love to have a job working with troubled youth. I've heard things such as social worker, youth worker, counselor..etc. I dont know the difference between these fields..also how much do they pay? Not interested in the money but i do need to support myself. Also, phycology or sociology degree? Teaching? All help is needed.

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    In the U.S., there are state government jobs in working with youth. There are juvenile services, which would be working with youth who are in the "system". Every state of course has different salaries, but the good thing is that most states are transparent with salaries for state jobs. You can also view the degree requirements. An undergraduate degree in psychology should qualify you for most entry level state jobs. A degree in sociology, not as much because sociology is more of a general degree about the study of society. A degree itself in sociology does not prepare one to work with individuals. The degree in psychology would give you curriculum on mental processes, behaviorism, etc. As far as a degree in Social work, curriculum includes psychological theories, sociology curriculum, and specific curriculum on human behavior and the environment, working with individuals, working with groups, working with communities, social policy, working with diverse cultures and it requires an actual internship. For someone who has no work experience, that can be a definite plus, because at least the individual is getting a chance to "practice" what they have learned from textbooks.

    I wanted to get my masters in social work, so I ended up getting my BSW because I was able to get into a one year MSW accelerated programs. Most social work programs offer an accelerated option for those who have a BSW....basically, the core curriculum is being waived. For individuals without a BSW, the MSW program is two years.

    Some state job examples:

    - A Juvenile officer with Texas with a Bachelors degree starts out at $33,000. Then looks like after about 14 months, there is a one thousand dollar raise. and the full scale

    - Behavior Coach working with youth with challenging behaviors The salary is $45,000 and of course requires experience! The degree requirements is a Bachelors degree at minimum, but it also says a Masters is preferred.

    - Youth Parole Worker I starts out in Nevada at approximately $44,000......Bachelors degree required.

    - Some states may require those who work in juvenile "facilities" to also meet requirements as a peace officer....and they may need to pass physical requirements (depends on the state)

    - Indeed is a great job search as well to see what is out there

    You will find that non-government entities typically do not post salaries.

    The federal government also have social service assistant positions that work with the Youth Corp Salaries start out at $31,000.

    Schools also have social workers and school psychologists (most states require the psychologist to have a PhD).


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