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Parallels for Character Names?

Hi all!

I've recently been writing a short story based upon real events that occurred in my life, somewhat of a narrative, but with fictional events intertwined. This is all sort of an attempt to convey certain emotions. Because it is based on real events, there are real people that I want to include. However, due to the topic matter of the story (drugs, alcohol, etc.) I wanted to preserve the identities of those included. The only "but" is that I feel like the names of the people convey some sort of meaning or personality.

I am historically bad at choosing character names, and seem to always end up using the same. I want to see if anyone can come up with parallels for different names, so that I might still be able to envision the character's personality while withholding their identity. You don't really need to know the personalities, just come up with names that might be similar *in meaning* to the name, not just similar sounding. So for example, if one persons name was "William," "Will" probably would not be a good substitute. Thanks in advance!

Here are the Names:














Remember, generic names like "John" and "Tim" would be okay, but I would rather have something with more flare or personality to it. Thanks!

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    Rob= Ray

    Stephen= Seth

    Clayton= Clinton

    Gavin= Gary

    Thomas= Teddy or Theo

    Mackenzie= Melanie

    Amanda= Amber

    Joe= Josh

    Zach= Zeke

    Stepanie= Stella or Sara

    Chris= Kyle

    Scott= Stan

    Hannah= Heather

    I know they are all similar, but when I write about people I know I make the name very similar to the person im writing abouts name.

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    Rob ------------------> Rajan (Raj)

    Stephen ------------> Benjamin

    Clayton --------------> Carson

    Gavin ------------------> Finn

    Thomas ---------------> Diego

    Mackenzie -----------> Kendall

    Amanda --------------> Madeline

    Joe ----------------------> John Joseph (J.J.)

    Zach --------------------> Cody

    Stephanie ------------> Gwendolyn

    Chris -------------------> Pat

    Scott -------------------> Grant

    Hannah ----------------> Rebecca

    Good luck.

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