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Ps3 vs Xbox 360 from a technical perspective (only people with common sense please!!)?

My main question would be, how far off are each consoles from a technical perspective?

My analysis:

ps3 has 7 cores, however, they all operate much slower than each of the 3 cores of the X360.

My experience from this: Computers that have 2 fast cores can outperform 4 to 6 core processors that clock at lower speeds.

Ps3 has half the video memory of an X360, but is well able to run games that seem very high end, such as the uncharted iterations, however, MS confessed that they deliberately did not supply the tools required to their first party developers to achieve the best of the X360

My experience: I understand what the X360 and ps3 can do when the specifications are compared to a pc, however, a pc with the SAME gpu and cpu would actually perform worse when optimized similarly to the X360 and ps3. Doing further research, i discovered that the developers take much longer to design a first party exclusive for the ps3 than a pc due to special rendering of the engines. Without the special rendering techniques executed, graphics, physics, particle effects, post processing and etc, will look significantly worse than rendered engine. I learned that the X360 is also capable of this. The halo iterations (bungie), unreal engine 3 also used special rendering techniques to pick up the settings but from research and learnt even games like gears of war, only require about 50% of the max power of the X360. I imagined if the X360 were to receive the same tools that sony generously supplied to its developers, the games will look and run as good as the X360.

FOR YOU FANBOYS: Through careful research, bluray does not have ONE SINGLE EFFECT on the quality of game. Did you notice crysis on the pc is distributed by a DVD and not a bluray? I KNOW A GAMING PC ANNIHILATES A X360 AND PS3, I HAVE A GAMING PC


I am currently a Math and Computer engineering major as a freshman. I am still taking many introductory classes, so please forgive me if any of the info i stated is incorrect, however, this is from careful research and experience

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    You're incorrect about a few things here. You said the 360 has twice the video ram available. Thats actually not true. The xbox 360 does not have any dedicated video ram, instead the system ram can actually be shared and used for video ram. The PS3 has 256mb video ram and 256mb system ram. The 360 just has 512mb system ram.

    As for the ps3 cpu, it does not have 7 cores. Its only has 1. The PPE. It also has 7 SPE. They all run at 3.2GHz. However, 1 of the SPE's is disabled, and 1 is used for security purposes, leaving only 5 left to be used. The way this works is nothing like ordinary core cpu's. When programs use the cpu, they only directly use the PPE. If the programs have been programed to do so, they will send data to the PPE, which then gets passed onto the SPE, then back to the PPE. Pretty much the SPE's increase the PPE processing capabilities. This is not as efficient as just simply having 7 cores due to a lot of screwing around involved.

    As for their gpu's, this is a comparison.

    The 360's gpu seems vastly more powerful, but due to its small memory bandwidth bottlenecking the gpu, i'd say its only about 35-40% more powerful than a ps3 gpu. The only reason why they can achieve graphics like uncharted or god of war 3 is because the ps3 can pass some of the graphics processing onto the SPE's.

    As for cross platform games looking better on the 360, well thats because developers dont bother using the ps3's SPE's for either cpu or gpu related stuff.

    Now when you heard about gears of war using only 50% of the 360 to run, they would have only referred to the cpu, which is more powerful than it probably should have been. The gpu would have been using up very close to all its resources to run the game, and would have used up 100% of its resources in graphic intense areas. With better development techniques, they could have produced better graphics on the same hardware of course :)

    I hope this gives you a better understanding of these consoles hardware :)

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  • eaford
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

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