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Movies about unpopular guy who get popular girl?


I need some movies about a guy who gets most popular girl at school. I prefer something from high school, and necessary +2005, because I dont really like movies below 2004. I need something like "I love you Beth Cooper" or "Love at first hiccup". I will be grateful

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    She's out of my league

  • 8 years ago

    Weird Science

  • H
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    8 years ago

    'Weird Science'.

    It's from the Eighties so might be too vintage for you. If you can bring yourself to watch it you'll appreciate it's random greatness. Not only do the two protagonists get the school's most popular girls but they also create a beautiful companion from 'thin air'.

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    Hmm...there's a walk to bear in mind. i will positioned up greater while they arrive to me. Ah yeah somebody already stated exceedingly pink. it extremely is a large movie via the way! you will possibly desire to additionally inspect The Breakfast club. no longer precisely relating to the favored guy falling for the nerdy lady, besides the undeniable fact that it does have romance between opposites.

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  • Anonymous
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    I recently watched this movie. It was really bad but, it was exactly what you are describing: Geek Charming.

    Some others:

    (Not High School) She's out of My League


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