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What will you name your children....roll the dice.?

I saw a question similar to this earlier and thought it was fun, so i'm going to try my hand at it. Star if you like it...if I get enough stars i'll make another.

1. You and your husband have been married for a few years now, you decide the time is right to start a family and can't believe your luck when after only 3 months of trying, there is a positive result on your pregnancy test. You have a fairly easy pregnancy and go 5 days overdue. You have a:

Roll the 6 Sided dice

1- Girl

2 - Boy

3 - Boy

4 - Girl

5- Girl

6 - Boy

1st name is a name that is on the current top 100 list. Middle name is in honor of a friend of family member

2. 3 Years later your little one is doing well and you would really like to give him/her a sibling. You try for over a year and nothing happens, you go to the fertility specialist and on your 2nd try of IVF you are shocked to find you are pregnant with:

1. Twins (G/G)

2. Triplets (G/G/B)

3. Twins (B/B)

4. Triplets (B/B/B)

5. Twins (B/G)

6. Triplets (G/G/G)

1st names all have to start with the same letter middle names can be whatever you like.

3. After how much you went through to have your 2nd children, you know you wouldn't want to go through it again and decide instead to start looking into adoption. When the Twins/Triplets are 4 you decide to become foster parents of a sibling group of ethnic children. Their names reflect their ethnicity. You eventually are able to adopt them they are:

1. 2 boys and a girl

2. 2 Girls

3. 2 Girls and a boy

4. 2 Boys

5. 3 Boys

6. 3 Girls

4. You are content with your family, even if it is larger than average and due to your fertility issues you haven't been using birth control for years. You start feeling sick one day and on a whim take a test and can hardly believe your eyes when it turns positive. You're pregnant! You end up having a:

1. Boy

2. Boy

3. Girl

4. Girl

5. Girl

6. Boy

And name him/her your current favorite name.

The kids are begging, and begging and begging for a pet. You really didn't want to give in because your family is already so large, but you agree that every child deserves a pet and let them get one. They choose a:

1. Puppy

2. Kitten

3. Bunny

4. Gunnie Pig

5. Bird

6. Gecko

You let the kids pick the name


Melissa, thank you for taking time out of your incredibly busy life click reply and type a response to let me know that my question is a waste of your time. I really appreciate it.

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  • Hope
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    8 years ago
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    1. 2 - Boy

    Mason Andrew

    2. 4. Triplets (B/B/B)

    Alexander Duke

    Ashton Geoffrey

    Atticus Lochlan

    3. 4. 2 Boys from France

    Theodore Dante

    Vincent Andre

    4. 1. Boy

    Sebastian Jude

    5. 1. Puppy called Echo

    So I have:

    -Mason Andrew (Mase)

    -Alexander Duke (Alex)

    -Ashton Geoffrey (Ash)

    -Atticus Lochlan (Atti)

    -Theodore Dante (Theo)

    -Vincent Andre (Vince)

    -Sebastian Jude (Seb)

    Mase, Alex, Ash, Atti, Theo, Vince and Seb.

    Good game but I would seriously die if I had seven boys!!


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1) I rolled a 2. Boy! His name is Sebastian Reese

    2) I rolled a 3. Twin boys! Samuel Kai & Simon James

    3) I adopt 3 children from Italy. I rolled a 3. Salvatore Carlo, Sofia Alice & Serena Teresa

    4) I I rolled a 1. Scott Joel Mackenzie

    5) I rolled a 6 :D. I get a gecko and the kids name him Squirmy

    I have Seb, Sam, Simon, Sal, Sofia, Tessa, Joey & Squirmy <3333

  • 8 years ago

    1. 4-Girl: Meghan Elizabeth

    2. twins- G/G: Leah Marie, Lauren Allison, Lynn Christina

    3. 2 Boys from Sweden: William Adam, Jon Oliver

    4. Boy- Jonathan Frederick

    5. 2 Kitten: Harry Jr.

  • 8 years ago

    1. Girl

    Evelyn Maria

    2. Triplets

    Minka Juliette

    Magda Luciana

    Makenna Nicole

    3. 3 boys

    Jude - From America

    Danilo - From Ukraine

    Vincente - From Colombia

    4. GIRL!


    5. Guinea Pig named Paul

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  • Hannah
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    8 years ago

    Charlotte Katherine

    Amelia Lillian and Audrey Madeleine

    Declan Hugh, Coilin Reilly, Brigid Cassidy

    Matthew Lucas

    Gunnie Pig - Maxi

  • 8 years ago

    2 4 1 5

    • First, we have a boy named Evan Andrew

    • Then, triplets! All boys named James Alastair, Joseph William, & Jude Nicholas

    • We foster 2 boys & a girl from Croatia. Their names are Drazen Marinko, Riko Njac, & Anastazija Branka.

    • They get a bird named Jasper.

    Evan, James, Joey, Jude, Drazen, Riko, Ana, & Jasper the bird ♥

  • 8 years ago

    Madelyn Isabel

    Lacey Madelyn

    Lindsey Grace

    Nia Anne

    Blair Kate

    Mckenna Marie


  • 5 years ago

    1. girl- Sophia Evelyn

    2. twins b/b- Luca Jai and Leo Blake

    3. 2 boys and a girl- Pax Thien, Maddox Chivan and Avia Zahara

    4. girl- Mia Honey

    5. Kitten- Diavlo

  • 8 years ago

    1. Emily Selena

    2. Adrian James, Alexis Marie, Ariana Nicole

    3. Lucia Bianca, Natalia Venice

    4. Thomas Jacob

    5. Puppy named Max

    So I have: Emma, Ryan, Lexi, Ari, Lucy, Talia, Jake

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1) 5-Girl Paige Clarissa

    2) 6-Triplets (G/G/G) Aria Marie Avery Opal Adelais Nala

    3) 2-Two Girls (Italian) Cara Sienna Luna Italia

    4) 1-Boy Jace Carter

    5) Bunny named Cocoa

    Paige, Aria, Avery, Adelais, Cara, Luna and Jace

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