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Why did Saddam Hussein hate the Kurds?

Were they Shias?

Also did you know his last words were the Shahada? Isn't there a hadith that says if these are your last words then you will reach Jannah?


You may very well be a good Muslim apologist one day because you totally avoided the question and injected something basically irrelevant.

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  • Moona
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    9 years ago
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    Kurds are Sunni Muslims..i don't know too much about the Kurdish case but i think he was like any other dictator who suppresses minorities he was afraid that they may ask for their rights so he killed a lot of them..well as far as i know saying shahada before dying means that you died as a Muslim but it doesn't mean that you are not a sinful Muslim, many Muslims believe in God and prophet Muhammad but they don't follow their religion and do terrible things only God knows how he will judge those people plus i might say the shahada but i don't really believe in it ,does Saddam really believed in it when he was saying it? only God knows his intention

  • Bburak
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    9 years ago

    They are sunni muslims mostly.

    He offered Turkey to get rid of Kurdish people but Turkey refused it. Our president was Kurdish that time. Later on, Saddam murdered some of them, a huge amount of Kurdish people were saved by Turkey. They escaped from Iraq and Saddam's torture but sadly today some of these people rebel in Turkey. Western countries and Israel finance Kurdish terrorist organization to use them as a puppet in future and sell guns both to Turkey and them.

  • sakota
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    9 years ago

    the popular explanation is because they are not Arab and he was a staunch Arab nationalist. Also "Kurdistan" is an oil-rich region of Iraq and the Kurds are rebels and want an independent kurdish state. he wanted to keep "kurdistan" under his auspices for their natural resources so he demonized and killed them etc..Most Kurds are Sunnis, to my knowledge. who really cares if he goes to jannah or not. other people's fate in the hereafter is something we preoccupy ourselves with way too much i think.

  • 6 years ago

    because they committed high treason by communicating and supporting irani army during the 8 years war.

    Saddam Hussien hated any one who threatened his seat as a president it is nothing raciest ,but, kurds long time ado were very respected people who have great military discipline, but now they are *********** for Israel unfortunatly

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  • 9 years ago

    Kurds are free spirited mountain people. They never bowed to Saddam so he hated them. Always such person's hatred destroys himself and not the people whom he hates.

    Many Christians hate we Muslims on this site. I often tell them that May Allah destroy you by the poison of your hatred towards Muslims. After that they don't make comments on my answers.

  • 9 years ago

    I am a kurd and most of my family are kurdish refugees. The reason why my family came to america was because iraq wasnt safe anymore because of saddam. i was born after they got here. he didnt like us because we were gaining power and because we wanted to (and still want to) become our own country. but we can't because kurdistan is in iraq, syria, turkey, and iran. and these countries dont want us to become independent because we have many resources such as oil. we could be our own country its just the countries that we fall into won't let us. we have our own president, our own government, our own flag....etc. but what saddam did was unfair and it decresed our population by a lot and made us lose lots of power. i hope that makes sense. if it didnt, feel free to email me.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    please take a look at map of kurdish lands in map. they wan to make a country for themselves. and no country wants this.

    also other problem is Kurd people are usually credulous people and enemies of each country use them for rebel against country. for example if you are enemy of Iran you easily can spread some lies about Iran among Kurd people and and cause them rebel against Iran.

  • Arqam
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    9 years ago

    Allah swt knows best my brother. we all don't know if we are going to jannah or hell even though we didn't kill.

  • 4 years ago

    what is the meaning of jannah and shahada

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