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How Many Businesses Can I Own Under A Corporation?

I want to own multiple businesses, I'm starting with one, I want to know ahead of time if I need to make new corporations for each business (Restaurant, Landscaping, Technology..etc) or if I can just bundle them all under one Corporation. I also would like advice on the matter of a name. Does it matter what I call my corporation if I I named it "Horror" (not the name I had in mind just an example) and the market of the business was in baby food?

P.S. Is my corporation name my business name or can I name my business taco castle if my corp name was alpha?

Please give me a answer I can understand as I don't understand business technical terms just yet as I am new to all this. Thanks! most helpful and understandable answer gets best answer. Feel free to add in anything extra important thing that I might need to know about corporations.

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    First thing you have to do is to form a corporation and you would be the shareholder of the company. Once the corporation is formed, you could own any number of businesses under the name of the original corporation.

    If your corporation is called ABC corporation, you can register another company called DEF Restaurant Corporation. ABC would be the shareholder of DEF (if you want ABC to be the shareholder).

    Forming a corporation is a complicated procedure, you might need the help of a lawyer. Also, if you use a company name other than your own name, you have to do a name search to make sure the name is available, because you cannot use the name that has been registered by other companies.

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