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What will the PS4 have?

How could the ps3 be improved? I dont think there is a need for the ps4.

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    8 years ago
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    Here are my guesses on specs or what Sony will do with the PS4.

    CPU: They will probably use a new gen of the CELL BE and fix some of the problems developers had developing on it. 8 PPE (each quad-threaded like the Power7) with 32 SPE combined together instead of having them separated to each PPE. This gives developers freedom and an option to use or not to use the SPE, doing so gives more head room for performance as the console gets older and developers overtime will embrace and learn how to use the SPE. Also we cannot forget about ARM. Sony can hire ARM to build a CELL design, since Sony does have rights to it along with it's partners, ARM can use their fabrication labs to tweak and improve the architecture and also avoid licensing fragmentation from IBM by removing and replacing the PPE design with another. Another reason to go to ARM is due to the amount of heat the PowerPC architecture develops. Sony can go with AMD and Intel but the architecture would allow essay access for hackers and would just open up a can of worms for Sony (look at Apple's situation and people who make Hackintoshs), also Intel would charge a lot for their CPUs which would cost console cost to rise.

    GPU: I doubt they will go with Nvidia this time around. They will probably go to a low name GPU/Microprocessor company to design and develop the chip. My guess is the same people who makes the GPU for the PS Vita. Console maker should of realized by now, that they lack the luxury PC gamers have, to upgrade over time. If they are willing to create a specialized CPU, than they have no problems doing that on a GPU. Hardware is useless without software taking advantage of it, a reason why PC gamer hate console ports because they use so much resources due to the fact that they are not optimized for the PC. GPUs are the fastest cards to be replaced in terms of gaming, but with smart engineering to create an efficient and powerful product anyone can create a GPU that can last a very very long time without it showing it's age as time progress. The reason why GPU companies don't do it, is because they survive on quarterly sales and thrive on people wanting to upgrade. Consoles don't have the luxury/need to upgrade. Another way they can go is to place another next gen CELL in the PS4. In the PS3 the current CELL is given a lot of the work loads the GPU is suppose to do anyways and placing a second CELL on the PS3 was Sony's original plan so why wouldn't they do it on the PS4, it will bring the cost down also.

    RAM: For sure more ram will be added. My guess is around 2-4GB for DDR3. The true question is, What kind or ram will it be? Will they stick with XDR and place its successor the XDR2 or an early release of XDR3 or switch due to the cost of XDR or maybe use both since some operations and codes need to take slower time to complete anyways. Codes that need to be done quickly can use XDR and slow codes with DDR3. If it is XDR my guess is 1-2GB.

    Blu-ray: Blue-ray is staying, especially since it's new and not everyone uses it yet. Sony and it's partners are developing faster Blu-ray drives so a faster drive can go on the PS4. Also not every game developer uses the second layer on a Blu-ray disk.

    HDD & SDD: My guess is there will be two PS4 models at launch and I believe they are going to do what Microsoft did with the Xbox. Sony can sell a PS4 with 4GB SSD alone and another model with SSD and HDD together. Storage space will increase, that is a given!

    USB: USB 3.0 will be on the PS4, that is given!

    Other: I'm also guessing that Sony will bring back the move (with upgrades and tweaks, especially by removing that orb on the controllers and a complete redesign) and pair it with something like the Xbox has with Kinect but with improvements. They will probably make the move controller (which will be redesigned) as the main controller for the PS4 with the ability to add attachments on it like a screen, touch pad and some other add-on. Game developers can use Move and Kinect tech to follow player movements with amazing accuracy and Kinect like microphone to operate in game options and game AI. What I want Sony to do is add keyboard and mouse support and try bring in most of the MMO franchises to the PS4. Not all genre of games work well with a console controller or with tech like Kinect, sometimes the good old keyboard and mouse is needed to make a fun game. This is why hardcore FPS, RPG & MMO fans play on PC because its more accurate and has more control and freedom when it comes to the controls.

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  • 4 years ago

    WTF? The PS3 would be 3 years previous this November and hasn't even hit the middle of its production cycle yet. Sony hasn't even all started to layout the PS4 yet (assuming they even call it a PS4). in spite of if it have been to come back out day after today, psconsoles are actually getting a 10 twelve months shelf existence, so the PS3 will stay supported for no less than the subsequent 7 years regardless. Plus the PS3 purely dropped to $299, meaning the PS4 would be greater beneficial than that, and we already have considered what number of human beings b*tch approximately this type of luxury console. and individuals won't purely positioned the PS3 interior the storage shed on a similar time as they spend yet another $1000 in the direction of the PS4 to the ingredient the place there is "no person online." To sum up, do no longer assume any form of latest on the PS4 for yet another 5 years, a minimum of.

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  • 6 years ago

    Reminds me of a quote

    "Everything that can be invented – has already been invented," - in 1899 by Charles Duell the commissioner of the United States pattent office


    "Inventions have long since reached their limit, and I see no hope for further developments." - 10 A.D., Roman Engineer Julius Sextus Frontinus

    And like you are now they are wrong for thinking things can't be improved.

    Source(s): Innovation is what's happening all around us all the time, only the ignorant think "this is it".
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  • 8 years ago

    POOP ASDF ps4 will suxx

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    8 years ago
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    8 years ago


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