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What's an easy Russian word to teach kids?


Actually, I need to title a child's song and I wanted to incorporate one Russian word into a cute title. Like if the title said, "Dance of the _______" Is there an easy word to put in the blank that would be simple enough? Like, "Dance of the Pumpkins" but I don't know if pumpkin is an easy word in Russian. But, it could be any title that's short and cute.

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    Да = Da = Yes

    Дом = Dom = House/Home

    Привет = Privet = Hi

    Свет = Cvet = Light

    Стол = Stol = Table

    Пока = Poka = Bye

    And why am I getting the thumbs down?

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    I assume you need not only easy words, but the useful ones at the same time. We don't teach kids slang and stuff, right?

    Pumpkin - tikva (i - like in the word "bit", no palatalization here) - тыква,

    Pumpkins - tikvi - тыквы,

    When we're saying "Dance of the Pumpkins" in Russian, we use Genitive case of the word "Pumpkins - тыквы", which is "tikov - тыков".

    Also we have a wide variety of diminutive word forms, which are formed using the affectionate suffixes. In this case it would be "tikovok" (-ok - is affectionate suffix).

    So, it's "Dance of the Tikovok".

    Other words:

    Swan - lebed' (d - is palatalized) - лебедь,

    swans - lebedi - лебеди, Genitive case - levedej - лебедей,

    "Dance of the Lebedej";

    Flower - tsvetok - цветок,

    flowers - tsveti - цветы, Genitive case - tsvetov + affectionate suffix "-ochk" - tsvetochkov - цветочков,

    "Dance of the Tsvetochkov".

    As for pronunciation (if you don't have any Russian friend or someone to chat on Skype etc...) I would also advice you to use those sites, like acapela-group.com etc, because it's really easier to get via listening.

    Source(s): Russian native speaker
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    Da =yes

    Net= no

    Good bye -dosvedonya

    Source(s): I speek a small bit of Russian
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    Teach them peder. It means ******

  • hello is pronounced like pree-viet :) im russian! :) haha

    Source(s): me :)
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    privet- means hello

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    8 years ago

    pissant said like piss ant

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  • 8 years ago

    nyet, which means no in english.

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