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how to use 9 piece slide hammer dent puller?

it is a tekton 5 lb set. i have pulling screw, pierce punch 2 puller hooks, nose cones, L-puller, and plate edge puller. the dent is in my driver rear quarter panel of my 91 pathfinder. this kit did not come with instruction on how to use and when to use each attachment. iv never done this b4 and sure im going to **** it up but im just trying to learn


YOUTUBE has shown me alot of different kinds of dent pullers aka slide hammers...ones you glue, ones you weld. but im guessing i have a tap, screw, and pull kind

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  • 9 years ago
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    Alot of those other pieces with your slide hammer is to pull out bearings, seals etc. A slide hammer is used for alot more than just dents.

    From the sound of yours, your dent puller part is the old fashion self tapping sheet metal screw type.

    Drill a small (tiny hole) in metal of car just to get screw point started in, screw in the screw, put slide hammer on screw and jerk back

    Depending on size of dent you may have to do this is more than 1 pplace. On large dents its not uncommon to have to drill 5 or 10 diff holes and move dent puller to that many diff spots to get the dent out.

    Then weld up holes, Or dimple holes with ball peen hammer and fill with body filler (bondo)

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  • 9 years ago

    Try Youtube

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