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Are fox-news and other mainstream media turning blind eyes on drug trafficking and child prostitution in Cuba?

Cuba is a narco state infested with illegal drugs from southamerica and child prostitution rings.

It seems like the media is involved with those exploiting and blockading the narco state of cuba and its corrupt narco-puppet leftist gov.

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    yes and it the same here in the usa canada mexico and else where in the world. it is a sad thing and so embedded that only

    god himself can and will clean this mess up.

    here in the usa some of the law enforcement agencies that are supposed to protect Society from these evils are up to their eyeballs in promoting protecting and engaging and profiteering in these enterprises of death and deprivation. these include the border patrol ice the cia which has it's grimy fingers in anything and everything evil and corrupt and the ATFE and the corporations who own the media censor it to suit themselves and their bed partners in government . especially the state department.

    there are some independent news sites that are all to happy to expose them , but too few people pay attention and would Rather not know , it upsets their world view(hallucinations ) of well being and do not want to get involved . or are afraid or indulge and do not wish to put an end to these atrocities

    most of the guilty here are conservatives with fat bank-accounts who try to present them selves a righteous. and Superior. lol. they do not want it exposed or stopped because that would cost them money.

    Source(s): the truth is out of the bag and has been there for thse who pay attention.
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    Many Hollywood types have long praised Castro. i do no longer do no longer think of that the mainstream media, who've plenty invested in Obama and each thing left of center, would be publishing something extreme of Cuba interior the close to destiny.

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