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My fujifilm finepix xp20 water proof camera is water damaged?

Hi I just got this camera less than a week ago i used it for the first time yesterday at the beach everything on the camera was fine after getting out of the water. But then I came home and the bottom where the battery and sd chip go wouldn't open because of some sand had it stuck closed. So I decided if I ran some water over it from the sink the sand would come out, but that ended up getting water into the battery area. So when i got it open (everything was dry on the outside, I did not open it when it was wet) the battery area had some water not that I could see at all but when I turned the camera on the screen was pinkish and freaking out. So I took took the battery and sd chip out and blew in the battery area to try and get whatever water was in there out. This morning I went to turn it on hoping it would be dry enough. The camera turned on and had me reset the camera but after I reset it the screen was not normal and viewing the scene it just looked like dark and if water was in there.

Is there anything I can do to fix it? I did not purchase insurance or anything


UPDATE: I just turned it on. The screen is still freaking out. I took a picture and was able to view the picture but it just looks dark with waterish looking figure. I am thinking the water may actually be in the screen not the battery area.

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    Unfortunately, it sounds like the door wasn't either properly closed or it has a faulty seal. From a review of that camera... "Even with it’s solid design, the small latch that secures the door that shields the Micro USB port, battery and SD card slot feels unsure, even if it’s pressed firmly."

    About the only thing you can do is contact Fujifilm and ask for assistance... call 1-800-800-3854 and select option 1. Hours:Monday-Friday 9:00AM-8:00PM (E.S.T.) Saturday & Sunday10:00AM-6:00PM (E.S.T.)

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  • 3 years ago

    Fujifilm Xp20

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    With Fujifilm FinePix XP20 the photos got here out particularly nicely and so did the video mode. i've got have been given different factor and shoot cameras such because of the fact the Canon SD750 and that's thoroughly thrashed now because of the fact it truly is often in my pocket while i'm sober OR inebriated. i've got even have been given a Canon S95, which i replaced into in simple terms too fearful of having tousled as quickly as I take out with me or circulate underwater, inspite of the costly underwater case. The xp20 isn't the perfect while it is composed of taking photos indoors.. actual i do no longer basically like the regular in any respect while the room is slightly dark, yet exterior with organic lights and under the water it is going to do the activity.

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  • 8 years ago

    It's worth a try, some brands are friendly to ignorant users who just bought the camer.a

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