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Short children's story ideas?

I have to write a 15-line children's story, with 15 pictures to go with each page. I have no idea how to write, A, a story for kids or, B, how to write a story as short as 15-lines. I guess it has to be something like "Goodnight, Moon." Any ideas, please?

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    You are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Which, btw, is an excellent idea for a children's story.

    I hate these type of assignments because, like you, I can never come up with

    a quick, cute, little idea. All the easy ones (monsters under the bed, giving mice cookies, etc) have all been done.

    How about a child who is put to bed and explores the cave his blankets make?

    You can start with the basic child in bed, and then have pictures of the epic explorer going through great caverns will all the usual denizens and only his favorite stuffed animal to protect him.

    You end the story with the child fast asleep and wrapped in his blankets.

    The End

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    Hi Woolfy, make it something little kids do and know. Here's a few ideas:

    -Going to the grocery store

    - Grandma or Grandpa coming over for a visit

    - Birthday time

    - Looking for a lost item

    - playing outside in the yard

    - time for bed

    - going for a car ride

    Next, as an adult, break the topic down into complicated steps. Do it just like you would diffuse a bomb (or describe diffusing a bomb). This is for your use. Next, take this verbose list and simplify it into the 15 steps you need. At this point you can generalize into the simplistic. After that you can take those 15 steps and derive a picture of what you are describing. Good luck! :)

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    it doesn't matter what's been done before. if there is a topic or genre u like, just find an angle to delve into. u could tell a story from the pov of the bad guy, or use multiple tactics from different stories u like.

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    15 lines and 15 pictures. Sounds kinda difficult. Do one thing. Choose two kids (a boy and a girl) so that kids can CONNECT with your story easily. And write about their adventures. Like they went to mystic land, they help people who are in danger etc.

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    a boy goes to bed at his home but when he wakes up he finds himself in 1346 at The Battle Of Crécy..

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