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Difference between house bill and senate bill?

I am researching on the federal DREAM act bill and there are two bills that fall under this. A house bill and a senate bill:

# H.R. 1751

# S. 3992

So, in general, what is the difference between a house bill and a senate bill?


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    A House bill is written by a member of the House of Representatives. It goes to a committee. If the committee approves it, it is voted on by all of the members of the House.

    In the Senate, a senator writes a bill and presents it to the appropriate committee. If the bill passes the Senate, it is then presented to the House of Representatives.

    Spending bills have to originate in the House, as mandated by the Constitution.

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    We learned this in History. There really isn't any difference other than what house it came from. They still follow the same process in becoming a law. 1. A bill is introduced (in the House or Senate) 2. The bill is studied by the committee in the house 3. Committee votes 4. Bill goes to (House or Senate) floor for debate 5. Whole house votes 6. Pass- goes to other house Fail- thrown out 7. Repeat steps 1-5 8. Pass- goes to President Fail- thrown out 9. Vetoed- House and Senate can vote for a 2/3 majority to override the veto Becomes Law Without Signature- bill sits on the President's desk for 10 days and becomes a law Bill is Signed Into Law- President signs the Bill

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    Where it was introduced.

    HR......House of Representatives


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