History question. Worst subject. 10 points. Help me.?

Okay first off this is a worksheet, not a test, it's the last question so PLEASE help I don't understand this.

Write a paragraph describing the plight of African Americans at the turn of the century using the following terms:

Jim crow laws


Plessy v. Ferguson.

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    I guess you have to answer the question with a paragraph including "Jim crow laws", "Segregation" and "Plessy v. Ferguson". As far as I can see you have to talk about what the Jim Crow Law was and how it affected the African Americans, the segregation at the time between the whites and the blacks and I have no idea who Plessy or Ferguson are (sorry didn't do American history). Seeing how it's a paragraph just start it off introducing what the the Jim Crow Law was in the first sentence and then in the second how it affected the African Americans. For Segregation, list some examples of what segregating involved (such as Blacks having to drink out of a different water fountain, sit on the other side of the bus etc.) And again I have no clue what Plessy v. Ferguson is sorry :(.

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