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How do you cook cassava/yucca roots so they don't poison you?

I heard cassava/yucca roots can kill or poison a person if not cooked properly. I bought some frozen and I would like to make Yucca Fritas.

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    Actually they are 2 different things but Casava is like the blandest most starchy potato you have ever tasted. Thin fried chips aren't bad but then they are all oil and bad for you. Yucca is pretty bland too if you are really hard up for something like baby pablum to eat

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    Grate them up very fine and then squeeze the juice out before you add your other ingredients.

    Source(s): (I was once married to a Dominicana)
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    Cook them for someone else.

    Surely a simple google search would turn up recipes that you could use.

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