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How to do you simulate a car crash?

I have a couple video ideas to promote driving safety. A-lot of them include graphic representations of car crashes. How do I make a crash look real, without hurting people?

Ex- spinning car(angled outside view and an inside the car view) , and the impact of being hit by a car.

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    Stunt driving, editing / the angle of the cut and substituting cars for example to make it look like an accident when it didn't happen that way.

    Stunt driving is like in Hollywood. They can do spins and that kind of stuff with someone in the car, or they can do cars on like a tow rope or such being crashed or with radio control.

    A lot of it though is editing or the way it's shot. So they might shoot a person driving the car in a "car accident" but it's not at the time of the accident, you have a close up of someone in a car which is spinning around or you do see someone crossing the road, it cuts to something else and a dummy is put in in the same clothes to make it look like the people are being hit but it's not.

    Which kind of leads into the substituting, dummies of humans. Or a car of the exact same colour / type is crashed like in a crash test scenario or such, but there's no humans in it at the time of the crash...

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    You would use false glass to simulate the auto crashing into anything and shake the auto and digicam to a fade out. Then whilst it fades again within the auto must be a break. That method it appears like its within the standpoint of the motive force or passenger motive force! XD

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    take a camera that can focus on small objects, two Hot Wheels, some red and green clay to make humans and blood, and there ya go.

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