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How should I do my make up?

Please read this all. Or skim it. It literally takes like a minute, haha.

I've always been the ugly girl. I've always been overlooked. People have ignored me cause I'm bad looking. And I want to change that. I believe even the ugliest people can be beautiful if they worked at it.... haha. And I want to fix it. I want to become not just like pretty but like... head turning. If that's possible.

If you can send me links to make up styles that I could pull off, that would be great. Links are preferred, haha. Because people normally tell me "Ooh, add eyeliner and mascara!" But like... what style. How should I do it. You know? Or if you don't wanna look for a picture, you can tell me the name of a celebrity I should use as an icon or whatever. Or... whatver. Just yeah, haha.

I'm just desperate. I want to be beautiful. And PLEASE don't tell me I'm pretty the way I am and there's no need to cover my face in make up. I hear it enough. But I just want to enhance whatever it is I have.

I'll put the link in the additional details. Cause I hear that works, haha.



Update 2:

Becca- Thanks.. those were a lot of pretty words, but that doesn't help at all. Haha. Like, I know about the youtube tutorials and I know it depends on certain things. That's why I provided a picture.

Update 3:

Mia- Thanks. But will that really make me head-turning?

Update 4:

Asian symbols- Thanks! I know. My eyebrows are a disaster. But my mom won't take me to get them done... and I've tried tweezing them before and I totally ruined them. So I'm just kinda... trying to figure that out. And why brown eyeliner/mascara? Won't that make me look even more boring?

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    okay(: i can help , i will make you beautiful:) If your comfortable, i suggest you pluck your eyebrows and ill show you what style heres a linky:


    for this look i personally think you should go to a stylist and have them waxed or something along those lines.

    And also i think you should go for a different hairstyle, that frames your face nicely so ill give you another linkyyy:


    Follow that hairstyle but make the bangs shorter and more curved and if you really really want i guess you could dye it lighter.

    Now time for makeup!!! my favorite part! To start this off i say we have our foundation ill show you the kind i use, its EXTREMLEY cheaply priced so the price won't be much trouble. This foundation also hydrates and is made with cucumber (at least thats what it says) and you can get this at target! TA-DA!!(: ill also give you the link for this:


    its great and three dollars!!! Now time for eyeliner ill show you what style and give you the link(:

    I personally think you should go for a brown eyeliner for a more natural look, but when you finally master putting on eyeliner and know all the ropes etc. you can use black eyeliner.


    Youtube thumbnail

    ^ that tutorial will tell you everything you need to know, there are MANY types of eyeliner out there so ill leave the decision to you, but in my opinion pencil eyeliner is way easier to work then liquid your can browse more makeup and eyeliner at target if you like.

    Now its time for MASCAAARRRAAA(: there really isn't a special way to put this on unless if someone does a ritual while they are doing it....but where are the possibilities on that?:) ill show you the kind i buy, its extremely good and i love using it, I use Rimmel London Extra WOW lash.

    And if you want to add a little extra id suggest bronzer(: everyones favorite there really is no specific way to put this on either, but i put mine on my cheek bones and to my temples.

    Now for beauty outside of makeup, target really has it all, don't you think? wanna guess where i get this other beauty weapon? you got it right~ TARGET:)


    i highly recommend this facial mask it replenishes its amazing(: And a face scrub i would chose anything under st.ives, thats some pretty amazing stuff(: and last but not least...moisturizer, ill leave the moisturizer to your choosing. If you have any questions, concerns anything at all feel free to email me its hawowwow@yahoo.com ( i also have loads more beauty tips and face masks that you can make at home etc.) its just that i didn't want to make this too long(: good luck! and i hope this helped(:

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    tweeze your eyebrows. when i saw your picture my eyes jumped right to them. just tweeze them little to define them. do not tweeze them on the top, but on the bottom.

    you are definitely not ugly. but if makeup will make you feel better here is what to do:

    shower every day. if it ain't clean, it ain't pretty. (not saying you're dirty or anything, but before you go to school take a shower.)

    wash your face and drink plenty of water.

    moisturize your skin.

    add a warm, goldeny blush. make sure you don't overdo it, but add enough so we can see it.

    put on a brown liner on the top and a little on the bottom. it doesn't have to be a particular way, just a smudged, smokey kind of look.

    add a lot of brown mascara.

    put on a smokey brown shadow.

    don't use lipstick. or lip gloss.

    BTW, you have the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen and the most clear, glowy skin.

    wear a little jewelry too. silver will look better with your eyes.

    Good luck, gorgeous.

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    You are your worst critic. I know that because I am the same way. People say I don't need any make up but you want to feel beautiful and glamorous.

    There are too many links to put it up here for your and I personally have never met you so I can not tell you what style or what color goes well with your face. I actually LOVE doing make up for people.. Too bad you don't live near by. :) Anyway, make up may sound or seem hard but it really depends on your eye color, the shape of your eyes and how dramatic you want to make it look.

    You may want to youtube this. If you type in Make up tutorial, a bunch will come up. It's really nice, actually. And remember, it takes lots and lots of practice. Good luck to you!!!

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    Very very very thin black eyeliner (liquid) on top, this just opens the eye

    a neutral eyeshadow- light gray or light brown or light pink


    volumizing mascara

    confidence, you are very pretty! :)

    And I agree, i think you should go and get your eyebrows done!! that'll make a worlds difference! and I know that you expect it to be like the movies where you change over night but you will grow and find what looks good for you! Natural will always be the prettiest and thats what guys like, girls will envy you. You are naturally pretty you just need to know your stregths and play them up! Like she said, you have gorgeous eyes.. Play them up!! Maybe a bit of blush but really not much more then what i said. I Also agree, moisturize esp. for winter

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    I Have no idea what you are talking about your are beautiful -_-

    But any who why don't you try a hair cut instead? Your hair looks a bit plain go to your hairdresser & Tell him to give you a fun haircut?

    For makeup Try to keep you darker shadows in your outer corners of the eye where your outer v is. Contour the sides of your nose with a shade that is two shades darker than your skin color.

    *Use mascara Don't hide your gorgeous eyes behind layers of Eyeliner.

    *Your lips look pretty full so add a pinkish lip stain & add a bit of lip gloss on the center of your lips.(Just the center) To make them look even fuller! :D

    *Before you apply Mascara tight line your upper water line (You do this My Taking a black eye liner & Darkening your upper Waterline to make your lashes Look fuller.

    Oh My goodness I found the look I was going for on Taylor Swift! :D

    You see how she kept the darkest color on the corner of her eye? & How she only has a bit of gloss on the center of her lips & You can add eyeliner to make your lashes look even fuller I'll add a link to how to do your liner if you don't have a steady hand okayy. & when doing your eyeliner keep your pinkie on your cheek this will give you a steadier hand.(;

    Add a natural blush just a bit remember you want it to look natural & your eyes are round so the liner will give you a bit more of almond eyes.

    I couldn't find the damn video but its basically the same ting as the Mascara card trick but instead of using it for mascara you use it the outline to do your eyeliner.(:

    Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cByuzpdXA-o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hisHX167fmo It took me 56 Minutes to do this lol I forgot to add the Taylor Swift Link lol http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&rlz=1G1TSN...
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