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Zelda Skyward Sword question?

Will somebody please give me details about this game? Is it worth buying? I heard that map on it is really small, is this true?

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    skyward sword is awsome and said to be the best wii title of the year. It introduces wii motion plus controls. so the way you swing the wiimote link does the same angle and time. Kind of as if you were actually link in battle. The storyline is simple but a god one, link is a underdog at the skyloft ( village in the sky) knights academy and proves himself by winning a race , zelda gets kidnapped and link must travel to the surface to try and find her then save her by going through many enemies, puzzles and boss battles and areas. The people of the sky or skyloft where link lives have never seen the surface. The game is ne of my fav wii titles of the past 4 years and is definetly reccommended to buy. the map in the game is kinda small but still alot to do and explore.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hands down best wii game ever made best zelda game ever made this game is amazing worth every penny and more

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