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Can anyone give me a very brief history of how Ethiopia got its name?

its for my project in school and please leave out all minor or unneeded info.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The x king of Ethiopia, namely Hailesilase named it. It is believed that the name " Ethiopia" was derived from greek word. As far as history of the king is concerned, he was a very brutal, killer and abused many people mainly, oromo people. When he was in power the king destroyed the oromo cultures, identity and murdered millions of people, also he used most people as slaves. This is mainly one of the main reason for contradiction of the name "Ethiopia". Some researches have suggested that most people in Ethiopia seemed to agree with the name. However, nearly half the population of the ethiopian people, oromo people are strogly disagree with the name "Ethiopia". This is partly because of they were origion of the ethiopian people; and are the majority in the country, therefore, should be named as Oromiyaa.

    The abesha, absiniya people where Haile-Silase belongs seemed to happy with the name as he had demostrated most of habesha cultures over the oromia. The domestic political issue, Ethiopia has been experiencing is probably due to the killing/ murdering, destroying the identity of the Oromo people.

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