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Longboard Wheels for Commuting and Freeride that are Durable?

so what wheels should i get im gonna ride an apex 37 with paris 180 trucks and like the title says i want some that will do freeride and commuting and mabye a tiny bit of downhill. Also what would be good for downhill

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    abec 11 flashbacks (any hardness)

    orangatang stimulus (any hardness)

    I have owned the apex 37 and i rode it with paris 180's and i am a experienced Freestyle/freerider and i recommend the orangatang stimulus i own two kinds of the stims and they are both great

  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    Sector 9 Centerset Race Formula

    Abec11 Freerides

    Metro Motions

    Venom Tweakers

    Earthwing Floaters

    Nersh Smoothies

    Seismic Bootleg

    Fireball Incendos

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