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President Nixon (Whispers) The Truth?

Is it says enough that a former PRESIDENT of the United States of America has to whisper about the Jews monopoly over media. President Nixon is just talking about the 'Media'. But they own much, much more than that, and they aren't even scared of showing their monopoly.


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Does anyone else find it strange how he claims he 'will never say it' out in public. I will give you a list of Media companies and their 'owners'.

Rupert Murdoch Owner of FOX-Closet Jewish, Jewish ancestry.

Robert GreenBlatt-Owner of NBC Jewish. Founder, David Sarnoff, Jew.

CBS/Viacom/CBSCorp/Nickelodeon -Leslie Moonves, Sumner Redstone(Rothstein) Jew. Founder-William Paley Jew from Ukraine.

George Bodenheimer-owner of ESPN is a Jew

Michael Eisner-Owner of Disney Man of Jewish descent.

Ted Turner is not Jewish-owner of CNN, TBS, with many Jewish executives.

BTW, Viacom owns dozens of channels including Nickolodeon, CMT, BET, Spike, Comedy Central etc. With many more channels under their belt.

Also, Disney owns ABC. So that takes CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Owned by men of Jewish descent. Along with many, many others. To any sane person out there, does that scare the hell out of you? These people control the flow of information in and out of America. Its not a 'coincidence', a 2% minority controls the mass media! Along with Hollywood. And our Federal Reserve is controlled by them as well. Lets not forget out foreign policy heavily influenced by AIPAC, we go to war for Jewish interests. 'Saddam makes threats to Israel' 'Saddam Hussein gasses Kurds and says Jews are next'. We take him out and 'embrace Democracy'. And has also cost the lives of how many American soldiers? Does the situation with Iran sound similar?

Lets not also forget, the Jews are opening our borders for immigrants, legal or not.

'Diversity' 'Multiculturalism' are things brought up out of the thin air (supported by the "media", almost without exception) in the past couple decades.

Do you really think adding 30 million Mexicans will make America better?

How long will it take for Americans to understand the 'Jewish problem'.


@Thomas Do you have Down Syndrome?

Update 2:

@Murphy You can ask any of them. They are a Race and a religion. A very tribal people.

Update 3:

@Murphy, 'Sarcasm' is ten times different online, than it is 'offline'. Besides, I have seen people online say things similar and actually mean it.

Update 4:

It amazes me the amount of not caring people possess. I give them a gold mine of information regarding their future. A few unscrupulous characters show up. Nothing can get past 'god'.

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    add me

    I am Jew

  • Lee
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    9 years ago

    You're just whistling in the wind.I think the hold world knows what you've stated.They either don't care or feel there is nothing they can do about it.I've said the same thing many times on Y/A.I don't have any animosity towards the jews.I just want people to know why we pump billions into the state of Israel and how they control just about ever thing that moves in the US.If you dig deep enough you'll find they control wall street, the entertainment industry,and anything else that has a dollar sign on it.Like it or not they own you.They're great business people but it's still kind of scary to know that a certain group of people have your faith in their hands.

  • Murphy
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    9 years ago

    So their belief and faith in God makes them want to take over the world?

    Those two things contradict one another.

    edit: I find it hilarious that you don't understand Thomas' sarcasm.

  • 9 years ago

    Probably as long as it will take to understand our latent 'Nazi Problem', I suppose.

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    nixon wouldn't have known the truth if it punched him in the balls.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Obama farts lies.


    Source(s): Merry Christmas will be changed to MERRY GIMMEmas to keep the liberals from crying.
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