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I have three in Angle Fish in a 10 Gallons, can i buy a bigger tank and put them their?

I know you have to wait around 3 months to start putting fish in a tank, but my angle fishes are getting big and i want to breed them. I have 3 of them and their pretty big. should i switch them to a new tank? would it make a difference to them?

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    All you have is just 1 more month. Within that, you should purchase a Larger tank and complete the Nitro cycle, then shift your Angels. 1 Angel requires min. 30gallons. So, for your 3 Angels you have to have a min. 75gallons, or atleast 60-65 gallons and nothing lesser.

    It will really make a difference! As the Angels become adults, they would more territorial and would defend it with real aggression. Esp., when there is a breeding pair, the aggression will be more. So, a larger tank would allow them to co-exist peacefuly, with their own territorries.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    You need to let it cycle before adding the fish but if you add some filter media from the already established tank to the filter in the new tank it should only take a few days to cycle.

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  • Ianab
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    8 years ago

    If you leave them in the 10gal tank they are going to die, so it's more that you HAVE to move them to a bigger tank.

    Read about cycling here, you can shortcut the process by seeding the new tank with material from the existing tank and have it ready to go in much less that the normal 6 weeks.


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  • 8 years ago

    who said it takes 3months to put fish in a tank?

    just buy nutrafin cycle and you can add fish in right away

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