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Why do we REALLY need school?

Honestly, all of our time is spent learning useless information. We aren't going to use any information about random wars in the past, or any details about boring books later in life. I know we need it for spelling, and math that we will need for financial reasons in the future. Couldn't we just go to school all together for a few years to earn the basic stuff, then start branching off at a younger age? I know 100% that my future job will not require me to know what year the Lexington/Concord battle was in, or what the 3 wishes were in "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. Anyways, most of the time spent in the school building is spent passing from class to class, listening to the teacher explain the same concept for the tenth time because one person in your class doesn't understand, or just sitting there while your teacher doesn't pay any attention to the class and just letting us talk. They stick us in classes of 25+ kids and expect us to all get along, despite our differences in opinions and interests, then they wonder why bullying is such a big deal. You see, I could go on and on about how the education system is such a big mess, but I am going to bring this to a point.

I'm in eighth grade, and I feel that most of what we learn in school is useless. Our parents didn't even learn this stuff in college, and look at them. My parents stopped being able to help me with homework in the sixth grade because I had passed their college educations.

Please explain to me the logic of today's school system, because honestly I just do not understand it.


I am in no way saying that we shouldn't just stop going to school at a younger age. I am just wondering why we can't branch off into our areas of interests sooner. It would (maybe) solve some of the bullying issues, and kids would want to go to school because they would actually like the stuff being taught, and would have a point to learn it.

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    It's not really the context that's useful in learning, but the content. Sure, the simple stuff is what we definitely need in life, but the rest is about HOW you learnt it. For example, History is pretty much useless in the long run. However, it teaches you how to analyze, explain and infer from sources. English gives you more language to use, and teaches you how to write a variety of texts. English and Theater improve your speaking and presenting skills, and English along with Art helps to broaden you imagination to create ideas of the future. Languages help you communicate. P.E keeps you fit. PSHE teaches you morals and educates you in how to avoid real world problems and how to excel in life. TOK helps you to debate and stand up for yourself, which you would need if you were ever in question. Science is what we know about life; how would you not want to know it? It stops you from thinking things like pollution is a myth and can help save the planet. Geography teaches you about the world and why you shouldn't be a racist numpty. Economics and Business - do I even have to explain?

    Of course reading Romeo and Juliet is useless. But you need a base before you can build.

    They don't let kids branch off at an earlier age because we're not mature enough yet. You remember being small and wanting to be a pilot or an astronaut or a CEO right? Well, that's before you realize that few people get those jobs. I mean, my dad admitted himself that when he was small he wanted to be an engineer, and on the last day of college he decided to be a doctor. If it wasn't for that decision, he wouldn't be the big CEO today or even built the company. Had they steered him off as a kid to become an engineer, would he have the life he has today?

    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Pretty sure they wanted to be a fireman or police or whatever as a kid. They only really got involved with computer at around 18. Imagine if they just kept with their childhood dreams; no Microsoft, no Apple.

    Even kids in 8th grade aren't mature enough yet. I'm in 8th grade too. I know I'm not mature yet. Heck, we definitely should NOT choose in our early teen years. That's when we go through puberty and have a hectic and emotional time. When we're 18/20's, and have a heck ton of knowledge and skills balanced in each category, our minds generally become much clearer and we're more mature to make a lasting decision.

    Your parents didn't need to know what we do now because they didn't have the technology. Our world is growing at a fast speed now, and there's no real reason to let is stop.

    If people just learnt what the previous generation learnt, we'd go hardly anywhere. Imagine a grain of sand. That's the human civilization. Water is our education. If we learnt the same thing over and over again, we'd be as slow as a lake, and that little grain of sand will hardly move. However, if the currents keep pushing us, we go further faster.

    Of people stayed by your logic of keeping the same education, we'd be pretty much in the Bronze Age right now.

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    Public Schools.

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    Do We Need School

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    your 100% right that many things you learn in school like history and art are not important but what is important is that if they did not have theses subjects people who think of history and art as the greatest thing on the planet will be out of a JOB and can't take provide for their children.

    B. most people say in history you learn about others peoples mistakes so you don't make them which is nuts since I don't think anyone is planing a civil war.

    C. What you need in life is a good math and english. STUDY THEM HARD

    Source(s): I am 31
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    I agree but English all I need to know is how to read write a well written essay **** shakesphere. Math add minus divide multiply all I need to know. Science Idgaf how a wAter molecule is shaped I am not going to be a scientist. language **** Spanish or French I got translators. History I don't need to learn nothing about the past but have that class so we don't repeat the same mistakEs they did

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    Howdy! I believe it's important to be well rounded and the more you learn the more your brain opens up to critical thinking. Also it will be easier to engage in different conversations with different people because you know about many things. I like education it makes me a stronger person, someone who doesn't fall for just anything.

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    right now could you be a lawyer? a financial advisor? a ceo? doctor? the answer is no. school is for learning, the extra subjects like history woodwork music ect are for enjoyment so people enjoy school more you get me? im in the eight grade too, but i dont think school is a wast of time if your teachers are ignoring you then you must go to a realy bad school.

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    I agree with you.School is criminal waste of time ,money and energy ,on nonsense learning.

    Knowledge up to 1 to 10 numbers,and a to z alphabets should be enough.Balance should be left to individual.

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    To keep kids busy and off the streets.

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    To get educated so when ur older u can get a job, make a living

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