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Doe he like me/what do I do? (long ik but PLEASE read!!!)?

There's this guy, his name is Jeremy. He's a junior, I'm a sophomore. We just began to talk this year, but I've known him since elementary school and I am good friends with his bro who's my age. He's cute funny & smart. 

The reason I think he likes me is one night I was having self esteem issues (like all teenage girls) & we were texting & I called myself ugly & he said I'm very cute & said how I have "beautiful eyes that r accented by a beautiful smile".

 Also one of our mutual friends & her bf told us that we bicker ( it's playful bickering) like husband & wife, so we call each other husband & wife, so we are "married".

 Also one night at a football came (we r in marching band together, but different instruments) we were sitting in the stands after the game & our director was instructing us on stuff, & I was sitting next to him shivering cus it was cold & he asked if I was cold & I said yes & he put his arm around me for a bit to keep me warm, then that night we were texting (he texts me almost every day, not all day but for at least an hour or longer) & he said that he had fun with me that night. 

Hes also when texting me has said:

-your personality is awesome 

-I just want to hang out with you all day :) 

-you're a nice girl, ya know that? 

-you're awesome

-oh the model is beautiful no matter what she wears (he said this after I said I don't wear cute clothes) 

-you look amazing everyday (which btw is amazing he said this because I wear Tshirt, jeans and a ponytail everyday) 

-you're amazing 

-you are wonderful :) 

-you're so nice :D

-(I said I was watching Pretty Woman) what a coincidence, I'm talking to one :)

I basically know he likes me, but I want some other opinions. I kinda like him, but am not ready for a relationship right now (I've never had a bf). How do I let him know if he asks me out without making him go away? I wanna date him, but not at this particular moment. Maybe in the next couple months tho. What do I do??

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    Um, yeah it is in the wrong category so no one heres gonna help you..but I'll try to help at least. And yeah, he DEFINITELY likes you...alot. This sounds kinda like how me and my bestie are. Except we text nonstop all day whenever we're not together. I fell in love with her a long time ago when we met in 7th grade and I'm ALWAYS telling her stuff like this cause I want her to know how amazing and wonderful she is....and he's trying to do the same thing with you. He likes you a whole lot and it's obvious he really cares about you, he just wants you to know that you're...well this is kinda hard since your a complete stranger.

    But look, I'll use me and my buddie as an example. She seriously means the world..even more than that, to me. She's my everything and I just love her way more than anything. I always tell her how beautiful, gorgeous, sexy (thats cause we're both soo close, we're bestfriends, there's actually nothing at all awkward between us [but ik you two ain't THAT close]), nice, and amazing she is cause I want her to know that she's soo perfect. He likes you alot and that's why he always tells you those things cause obviously you mean something to him. If you ask him if he likes you, trust me, he ain't gonna leave or stop talking to you. It took me while to tell my buddie that I'm in love with her cause I was scared she'd get creeped out and not talk to me again. I think he thinks the same thing. When he said he wants to hang out with you all day, that's basically him saying he wants to go out with you. You need to make sure he knows you wanna go out with him, cause who knows, a few months might be too late and he might just give up.

    I can't really give you too good of advice on how to tell him, cause me and my buddie are just soo close that we tell each other every single thing straight out without having to hint it out or anything like that. We don't ever hide anything from each other. I tell her how I dream to spend the rest of my life with her and how much I love her. We both tell each other every single thing no matter what it is and never ever have to worry bout freaking the other out. So I can't help on how you could tell two sound pretty close though. But I understand you're not THIS close, so it still might be kinda awkward to just straight out tell him. The question is: do you like him? Cause if you don't make sure he knows you do wanna go out with him...he might just give up after awhile...or he might find someone else and you'll loose him. Just somehow make sure he knows how you feel about him..cause if you wait a few months..that might be too late

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    He entirely likes you! This entirely rings a bell in my memory of the way I acquired my first boyfriend. He mentioned matters identical to that and the following factor I knew we have been relationship inside a few months. If he asks you out & your now not equipped, inform him you prefer him however do not desire to this point at this second and that possibly you men can date in a few months.

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