what's the job of a quarterback in a football team?

I kind of understand what they do, sorry if I sound naive, but I'm a girl and I've started to really like this game. I just need someone to guide me into the light and explain why quarterbacks are so important?

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    The quarterback is the player who receives the ball from the center to start the play. The most important position on the offensive side of the ball, the quarterback is usually responsible for receiving the play from the coaches on the sideline and communicating the play to the other offensive players in the huddle. The quarterback may need to make changes to the play at the line of scrimmage (known as an "audible"), depending on the defensive alignment. At the start of the play, the quarterback may be lined up in one of two positions. If they are positioned directly in contact with the center, and receive the ball via direct hand-to-hand pass, they are said to be "under center". If they are lined up some distance behind the center, they are said to be "in the shotgun". Upon receiving the snap, the quarterback has three basic options to advance the ball. They may run the ball themselves, they may hand it to another eligible ball carrier to run with it, or they may execute a forward pass to a player downfield.

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    QBs are important because they handle the ball on every down. Many receivers may only have a ball thrown to them two times in a game. Linemen never handle the ball./

    Also, on passing downs, the QB must know where all of his receivers are and who is covered and who is open, all while very large and angry people are trying to hit him as hard as they can.

    Before the play begins, the QB must look at how the defense is arranged and decide whether or not the change the play at the last moment (call an audible).

    Also, keep in mind that throwing a football is easy when there is no one else on the field, but in a real game, throwing an accurate pass is quite difficult.

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    They are the only offensive position that touches the ball on every play (essentially) They are responsible for getting the ball in the hands of the running backs and receivers, deciding who should get the ball and can make the most of it on each play, identifying what the defense is doing and changing the play if necessary, controlling the pace of the game and clock management, and also its the easiest position to turn the ball over, squeezing the ball into tight places consistantly is NOT easy. Being a QB requires a ton of work, practice, film watching, skill, and intelligence. Thats a hard package to come by.

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    They call the plays and direct what the defense is planning.

    They snap the ball and either

    A) hand the ball off to the running back

    B) throw the ball to a wide receiver

    C) grab the ball and run with it.

    Source(s): football fan.
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