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Is it normal for my bunny to eat his own poop?

And I don't mean his " night time " cecotrope poop, I mean his normal pellet poop. He is fed well with a healthy diet and is always cared for and happy doing binkies and whatnot. But I just saw him eat his pellet poop after he did some on the floor while roaming.


Also I have cleaned up and always clean up immediately, it was just one I missed :D

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    It is very normal and actually necessary. Rabbits produce 2 types of feces, the harder pelleted feces normally found in a rabbit cage, and the soft, greenish, mucous covered feces. These softer feces are actually called cecotropes. The cecotropes usually won't be found in the cage, as the rabbit normally eats these as they are produced. As gross as it sounds, cecotropes are quite nutritious being high in some vitamins, etc. In fact, the production of cecotropes is a very important and significant part of the digestive sytem function of rabbits.

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    Yes it is, and i'll tell you why sometimes when a rabbit eats its food it doesn't digest all the way so they it it again cause it's just like eating pellets.. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Rabbit owner
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    no, they shouldnt eat the dry, round ones. they should eat the wet squishy poops. if by pellet poop you mean the dry one, then that it isnt quite normall.... i wouldnt exactly worry about it, and you should remove the dry ones. If you see him doing it again, i suggest you consult a vet (: hope i helped!

    Source(s): Rabbit owner of two!
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    no its bad and nasty u should clean up the mess not unhealthy

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    It is, actually.

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