Can I get into UNC Chapel Hill?

Freshman Yr.

Adv. Algebra -89

Adv. English -88

Spanish -92

Chemistry -95

P.E. -95

Social Studies -93

Biology -94

GPA Freshman Year- 3.7 (weighted)

Sophomore Year-

Adv. Anatomy -96

Adv Geometry -95

Physics -99

P.E. -99

Health -98

English -97

Social Studies -98

Spanish -93

GPA Sophomore Year- 4.15 (weighted)

Junior Year

AP Physics- 93

Adv. Spanish 4- 90

Advanced Trig- 88

English- 94

P.E. -99

Sociology -94

World Cultures -96

GPA Junior Year (1/4 way through) 4.24

Cumulative GPA- 4.02 weighted

ranked 37/255 in class

Instate Student

SAT 1730

ACT 26

Extras- Cross Country 2x, President of Junior Class, Treasurer of Class (Freshman and Sophomore Year), Student Council, Leadership Confrences, Ultimate Frisbee

IF i maintain the my grades, will I be able to get into UNC Chapel Hill? I know my standardized test scores are low, but I believe I am strong elsewhere.

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    9 years ago
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    Overall, I think your chances of getting into Chapel Hill are very good. The only things I think they would really love to see are AP classes and that you are doing well in those classes. Just about everyone I know who went to that school took a lot of APs. Also, think about getting a small volunteering job, preferably in your intended major if possible.

    I honestly don't think Chapel Hill is that hard to get in to, but they are looking for people who have a great record of achievements and well-roundedness and who will continue you on this path during and after college. I guess Chapel Hill is looking for intelligent, hard-working people who take advantage of great opportunities. That's how I would describe just about every person I know who goes there.

    Also, are you in-state or out-of-state? If you're out-of-state, I would look at your grades and scores now and do better. Just in general. There is a small percentage of out-of-state students since UNC is a state school which means that its a lot harder to get in if you aren't an in-state-student, so you'll have to try harder.

    My advice to you is also to visit the school. Sometimes you'll walk on campus and be able to see yourself there and sometimes not which can help with the decision process. Also, they can answer a lot of your questions and you can talk to real UNC students. Best of luck!!

    Source(s): I go to UNCG and applied to transfer to UNC but was wait listed and didn't quite make the cut from there (lacked the extra curriculares).
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Get your SAT and ACT scores up - otherwise you're looking pretty good.

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