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what happens if Asia,latin america and europe all suffer a 10 Earthquake at the same time?

what happens(details)

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    earthquakes happen all the time all over the world, i don't think there has been 10 earthquakes at each continent at the same exact time.

    something more interesting would be if there was a magnitude 10 earthquake on all the tectonic plates at the same time.

    the strongest earthquake on record is the 9.5 that hit chile in 1960 that resulted in a massive ttsunamithat wrecked there coast.

    as far as a worst case event could be that the earth spins off its axis and floats out towards space or closer to the sun in a new orbit, resulting in either intense heat or cold as we move closer or further from the sun,

    all major earthquakes effect our axis and roation.

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    Then we'll have to depend on Australia.

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