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what is stem cell technology?

im doing this project for biology, and i cant find enough information about stem cell technology. i need to know what is it, how is it done, what's the purpose, pros and cons, and controversial issues related to it.

it'd be awesome of someone gives me a complete answer to it!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Okay. I can't give you a full answer as I would probably bore you to death but Ill give you a summary but you MUST research it yourself.

    Basically a stem cell is a pluripotent. It has the potential to differentiate into any cell and the key bit is it can self renew itself.

    The purpose is a cure for many disorders, for example the eye cant repair itself, and a lot of other specialised systems cannot repair themselves. Stem cells can be a repair FOR that system because those cells can then differentiate into those specialised cells and replace the damaged cells.

    We can grow organs in a test tube basically.

    The major con is how expensive the research is and the difficulty in acquiring the stem cells. The most easiest and common source of stem cells are... embryonic stem cells. And as youve guessed it from miscarriages. Though there are other places where you can get stem cells, those are the freshest and rawest form of them.

    Now to extract cells from a miscarried baby is... up to debate.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Stem Cells are basically "Blank Cells" they can "reprogram" themselves to become other types of cells (Skin cells, muscle cells, fat cells - etc, etc) and the Stem Cells can be used to a very wide variety treat injuries, and some disease (Like blood-borne diseases, like leukemia)!

    Stem Cell Therapy would be VERY beneficial, however there is some debate over the Ethics! :(

    Stem Cells can come from Unfertilized Eggs (or super young embryos, some of which can come from abortion clinics!)

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