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Do i have a chance of getting into West Point? Please Answer!?

i would like to know if i have a chance of getting into west point.In academics i have A's B's C's.i am also very athletic i play hockey,lacrosse ,and track.i vaulenteer a lot in the community.I am also an Eagle Scout which evolves many things needed to get in including leadership.i have read a lot about West Point and what it takes to get in But was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm doing alright and have a good shot of getting in.My goal is to get into west point and get a good education and then join the military for many years of my life.the military fascinates me and i would be privileged to be apart of it.


I also forgot to say that I am a freshman in high school.

Update 2:

My GPA after the first quarter is 2.95.

Update 3:

My GPA after the first quarter is 2.95.

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    There is not enough information to venture a guess such as grade level, grades in important classes such as Algebra 1, 2, Geometry Pre Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, English, Sat or Act scores, class rank, competitive level of the high school etc. The Sat and Act scores are also very important particularly the Sat Math or Act Math. The Psat Math tests Algebra 1 and Geometry. The Sat Math section adds Algebra 2. The Act Math tests all these subjects plus Trigonometry. The Sat should be taken the first time the spring of the year taking Algebra 2.

    Eagle Scout is definitely considered a leadership activity by the service academies and varsity athletic participation is for all intents and purposes required. Varsity letters are considered a sign of leadership. Team Captain is considered significant leadership. West Point recruits for Lacrosse and Track and field sending a significant number of athletes to West Point Prep each year to become academically prepared to enter West Point the following year.

    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the left of the dialog box. Be sure to open the "Leadership Preparation" link and read it carefully."

    The selection process is nearly identical at the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Air Force Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions, course selection etc generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc0...

    Page 19 of Chapter 2 of the Naval Academy Catalog indicates classes for a high school student to take to make himself competitive for admission. The classes are arranged in a hierarchy:

    The application cycle for the service academies begins December 1 of junior year when the Air Force Academy begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires from juniors applying to attend the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar.

    West Point SLS begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires in mid December. The Naval Academy Summer Seminar begins accepting preliminary applications on February 1.

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    Uscga AIM also begins accepting applications in February. It is best to apply to all since they are similar and going to one indicates to the Admissions Boards at all that a Candidate is well aware of the regimented lifestyle of an academy Cadet/Midshipman. You will need Psat, Sat or Act scores to be considered for the Summer Seminars. Usna's is the largest accepting 2250, Usafa Summer Seminar accepts 1125 and West Point SLS 1,000.

    Listen to what Colonel Batchelder indicates SLS seeks in applicants:

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    Usafa Summer Seminar, West Point SLS and USCGA AIM look for essentially the same attributes in Candidates.

    A good idea to have competitive Sat or Act scores by December 1 of junior year when the Air Force Academy begins accepting pre-candidate questionnaires from potential candidates applying for the Summer Seminar. The Sat should be taken the first time, the spring of the year taking Algebra 2. Helpful to take an Act that offers TIR.

    Good Luck!

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    My kid.

    Junior ROTC for four years, graduated as a Cadet Major. On the drill team four years. Advance diploma with a B+ average. Two years of college level foreign language with a 3.75 average on top 10 years of the same language since in Kindergarten. To say he speaks the language proficiently would be an understatement, he speaks it as a native and it is actually one that is useful to the services (NOT Spanish.). Perfect health. Could not even get a recommendation from our local Senators due to other having better records.

    Now you....A.B and C's. What is your GPA?..... Team sports. Were you team captain for any of them? What do you have to show any kind of leadership skills? Class president? Scout Leader? Troop Leader?

    If you really want to get into West Point you need to get serious about it. Take hard classes such as Physics, Chemistry, and a tough math course each semester. Get good grades in those classes. If your school does not have JR ROTC then does another school in your district have it? Check about volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol. If either of your parents are eligible to join the VFW or American Legion maybe you can get on one of their drill teams. Exercise and get fit.

    Do not get busted for anything.....specially drugs. ... You still have a shot at it but you need to put goofing off on your "DO NOT DO" list and get busy...

  • PoBoy
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    Can't answer the question from the information given. You left out a most important piece of information - your SAT scores. Look on the West Point web site and try to find the middle 50 SAT scores. Unless you are well into the middle 50 your chances are greatly reduced [legacies, minorities, etc].

    Go for it and good luck.

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    West Point wants the best of the best. So, before you worry about admittance into West Point, I would recommend enrolling in another English class (or 6) to improve on your writing skills. The fact that this even has a built in spell checker and you failed to use it, as well as the no spaces, as well a...well you get the drift...

    Right now, I would put your chances at 10% at best, if even that high.

    Source(s): 6 yrs US Army MP
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    a C is iffy.. If you have not already applied, your ******. needed to apply months ago. I applied right after Summer Seminar Navy. SAT scores, and class schedule are a LOT!!! a C in AP Calculus is a lot different then a C in Topics. AP Chemistry is a lot more valued then Genetics. A full schedule is mandatory

  • Remy
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    You have a real problem with those B's and C's. Academically, the service academies are as stringent in their requirements as any of the Ivy League universities.

  • Bill
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    8 years ago

    Check with the guidance office when you return to school on Monday.

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    Zero chance with A's, B's and C's!

    You can't even spell volunteer!

  • Anonymous
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    Get A's and B's

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    61.2 chance

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