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How does one come to understand themselves at the core?

How does one go about that when the ego will jump in rightfully so, serving as a blockade when the individual attempts to strip themselves away from altered self-perception? how does one fully achieve understanding themselves at the core? What has to be done in order to achieve this fundamental power?

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    By observing yourself impartially it will become apparent what if false, and a good way to start is by observing things in yourself that have been imitated from others, such as acts and attitudes.

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    Experience yourself at the best. And the worst. Have everything. Lose everything. Love. Hate. Love yourself. Hate yourself. Question yourself. Lose yourself. Find yourself. Spend time alone. Spend time with others. Give til you can't give anymore. Always say yes. Always say no.

    There's no real answer to this.

    There's a line in a song that always stuck with me

    "... You said you needed more time. Time spent alone with no distractions. You said you needed to fly so low and high to define what you wanted. "

    That the secret. See yourself high and low. Every extreme you can.

    Then you will be as close to knowing

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