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Hebrew translation, holocaust?

I am just wondering if this translates into english as 'never again' with regards to the holocaust, I need it with regards to a project, also is it written right to left? לעולם לא עוד cheers!

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    the holocaust is "Shoah" as in the title of the documentary about the holocaust where 6 million jews were massacred, directed by Claude Lanzmann, 1985. the gypsy or Romani holocaust is called "Porajmos" in which 1.5 mil gypsies or romanis were massacred - its definition is "the devouring." and the japanese massacre of 20 million chinese is called "The Nanking Massacre," i think. there's a film "nanking! nanking!" about it, aka "city of life and death" directed by Chuan Lu, 2009. there is a serbian romani (rom or romani = gypsy) poet named Dr. Rajko Djuric who wrote the poem "Yad Vashem" about the holocaust, and there is a poem on the holocaust called "Todesfuge" (transl. "death fugue") by austrian jewish poet paul celan.

    Source(s): as for all the atrocities ever perpetrated against humanity - NO MORE! never again. stop the massacres in durfur, never again what went down in bosnia, never again the french masssacre of the algerians, never again the massacre of native north americans, never again 400 yrs oppression of black ppl, never again enslaving, raping, torturing, massacring them, never again the armenian holocaust perpetrated by turkey, never again the crusades, never again the spanish inquisition, never again the massacre of muslim arabs by christian arabs in sabra and shatila,never again the salem witch-hunts, just never, never again, just to name a few, i'm sure there r other atrocities that i don't have room 4 in this "sources" box to answer
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    To upload to Community Organizer in Chief's submit: ??? ????? ?? ???? is how it is written in Hebrew, and it is reported Yohm Holedet Shel Omri. Also, it is going with out announcing that Ewan and American Fascist published as an alternative beside the point and blatantly flawed translations for Omri's Birthday.

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    'Holocaust' in Hebrew is 'שואה' (shoa).

    'Never again' in Hebrew is 'לעולם לא עוד' (leolam lo od).

    Source(s): Israeli.
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