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How to travel between Orly Airport to Saint Denis Basilique?

I need information about the shortest and easiest route between those two destinations. Thank you!

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    9 years ago
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    Although the Basilica in Saint-Denis has a nearby métro station (Basilique de Saint-Denis - Line 13), going to that station from Orly involves an extra transfer. Therefore, if you're not traveling with a lot of heavy and/or cumbersome luggage, I would advise the following: Take the "Orlyval" from the airport to "Antony" station. Then take RER B towards either "Aéroport Charles de Gaulle" or "Mitry-Claye" (it doesn't matter which, since you'll be getting off before it splits to serve those two destinations) to "La Plaine Stade de France". You can then either walk to the Basilica, or take a quick taxi ride.

    However, if you are traveling with heavy and/or cumbersome luggage, I would recommend an extra transfer. Once you're on the RER B (heading in the same direction as mentioned above, of course), get off at "Saint-Michel Notre Dame" station and transfer to RER C (going towards any of the following: Versailles, Saint-Quentin, Pontoise, or Argenteuil). Take that to "Invalides" station. From "Invalides", take Métro Line 13 going towards "Saint-Denis - Université". (Be careful not to get onto the métro going towards "Gabriel Péri - Asnières-Gennevilliers" - if you see one of those, simply wait a few minutes for the next one, which should be going to Saint-Denis.) Then simply take the métro to the aforementioned "Basilique de Saint-Denis" station.

    All of this advice is based on the assumption that you're on a tight budget, which I generally am when I travel. Otherwise, you could of course take a taxi, but the cost is obviously not going to be the same.

    I hope this helps. Here's a map so you can see the itinerary.

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  • From Orly airport hop on to the Orly shuttle Bus by RATP to Place de l'opera...

    From Place de l'opera hop on to Autobus 26-42-43 at the bus-stop behind Galeries Lafayette (check the map at the bus-stop for direction) along Rue Saint-Lazare to Gare du Nord transfer RER ligne D to Gare de St-Denis...

    à la gare de St-Denis (north direction). Hop on to RATP T1 à la gare de St-Denis, arrêt station Saint-Denis Basilique or hope on to RATP autobus 168-268-254-255-256 arrêt Marché de Saint-Denis...

    Welcome to France... enjoy your vacation in Paris...

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