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Divorce / Discord Aspect in the chart?

My date of birth is 10-Sep-1983, 07:47 pm, Delhi...I was recently married on 08-Dec-10 and am facing trouble in marriage...I just want to know whether this will result in Divorce or not, if divorce, then are there chances of Legal Case pertaining to me and my family. Would be grateful if somebody could enlighten me on the same..

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    Till 16.6.14 you've sub period of Saturn in main period of Saturn. And you're already in sadi sati for 2 and half years, and as that happens to be you're 7th house, you've problems related to marriage.

    At the end of this year, Saturn moves to you're rashi(Moon sign) which's 8th from you're lagna. Saturn's moving to worst position both from you're lagna and rashi, but since he's exalted there there's some chance of reduction of problems. But in you're natal chart, Saturn's in 8th along with you're Moon, although he's exalted its not good for you. Be careful as there're chances of experiencing life threatening accidents or diseases. Even you're career will be worst affect now as from 8th he's aspecting 10th house.

    I don't see divorce if you adjust with you're wife, at least for now. Pray to Lord Shani everyday and hope for the best.

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    Yes, like every man in the United States. The odds are much better for divorce to happen than waking up and wanting to go back to bed to sleep.

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    dude don't look to astrology for that and it can't tell you weather you are going to get divorce everyone has problems you just have to work them out it doesn't mean you have a divorce aspect in your chart look at your chart and hers and try to make some adjustments for your wife and get her to do the same. i don't look at my chart to predict what is going to happen in my life because i don't believe astrology can predict the future. but i do believe the personality and somewhat the compatibility, i use it to better understand my basic instincts and others and i can determine(myself not what astrology says) how to deal with certain people in certain situations. trust me bro i think you'll be ok trust me just keep working it and communicate with your wife and make the sacrifices you need to make both of you. and a word of advice a please don't take this the wrong way(i'm not trying to offend you) don't try and blame astrology for your problems its natural for you to have problems in a relationship weather your married or not no is perfect its how you deal with it that makes the difference. i hop what i said helps and good luck with your marriage man i mean that


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