Toddler bed vs. twin size bed?

I have a 1yr old and I want to buy her a bed but some say to get a toddler bed and others say to skip the toddler bed and get a twin size bed what do you think I should get for my daughter I'm so confused now

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    8 years ago
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    i have 4 kids and 2 grandkids. my kids all had twin problems there. my grandkids have toddler beds...they are great but grow out of them quick. so if you want to replace them go for it. for longevity...twin beds...they last forever.

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    8 years ago

    We went with a toddler bed.


    - Cheaper. We didn't have to buy a new mattress, sheets, mattress protector etc. Just the bed frame, which is also a lot cheaper than the bigger sized one. She will get quite a few years use out of it.

    - Safety. Toddler beds are a lot closer to the ground and have rails. We were worried our daughter would fall out of bed as she moved around a lot in her sleep.

    - Convenience/safety. Our daughter can't easily get in and out of our bed (and hence would have the same problem with a twin size one - I did look for a lower one but didn't find one). Toddler beds are much lower so she doesn't have that problem.

    - Security. Our daughter feels comfortable in her little bed with the rails around most of the sides. I think she would have felt intimidated by a large, high up bed. Not all kids would be the same but timid ones who don't adapt well to change might prefer a toddler bed due to it's similarities to a cot.

    - Uses up a lot less room. Depends how much space you have, but the toddler bed gives my daughter more floor space in her room to play.

  • I personally don't have children, but have a 7 year old niece and a 7 year old brother. My niece went the toddler bed route, and she still sleeps in hers. Its a simple white bedframe and the plastic type mattress. But my brother had the race car bed for about a year and he sleeps in a twin bed. Because it is smaller and I think better, I would go with the toddler. Also because when bedwetting occurs, its an easier clean up than having to buy special mattress pads for the regular bed. Good luck. But the decision is ulltimately yours. =0),

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    When our son was 1 we moved him to a toddler bed. I think at that age its better to go to toddler bed as they still move around a bit in their sleep and the bed safety railings can be extended to completely cover one side of the toddler bed.

    Also as stated previously, toddler beds use the cot mattress and cot linen, including the mattress protectors. This way you can just use everything you used for your daughter in her cot and they are much cheaper than going out and buying the full size mattress/linen.

    It was also easier for our son to transition from sleeping in the bed with us to the toddler bed as it was smal enough to fit in our room so he would still be comforted by the fact that we were still sleeping in the same room. You won't have this problem if your baby didn't co-sleep though.

    Now we are expecting our second child so for our son's second birthday we will be getting him a race car bed (full size) and keeping the toddler bed for our next born.

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